10 Common Problems That Every College Students Face

Time spent at college has a lovely memory and a great experience for many but student life comes with a roller coaster ride. Everyone is different and their situation is different from each other, but there are a few problems that almost every college students face during their time in college.

The acknowledgment of the following problem will help you to cope up in dealing with the challenges that might come in your educational adventure. We will be discussing

Time management of College Students

College life is academically challenging for many. College courses are harder and take more effort as compared to high schools. Unlike high school, two years of college content pack into one year. Moreover, many students take 15 credits and may take 18 or 21 credits. But at some times, it is impossible for college students to stay on top in all courses.

Know your capability. If you are able to handle 18 credits in one semester then go for it otherwise it is good to run slow and be on top of all. College educational purpose is to learn as much as you can but it doesn’t say to study everything all the time. Schedule your time by taking out some time for fun and keeping your mind fresh.


You may think it as pointless but most of the students in the college at some point get homesick. Especially those students whose college is three hours away from their home. In 2016 survey of higher education institute at UCLA, concluded that 70% of the first-year college students experience homesickness.

If you live more than three hours away from your home then plan to visit your home once a week or at least a month. This will help you to reduce feelings of homesickness.


The rapid increases in inflation also give effects on the tuition fees of college. This includes transportation, living, textbooks, and meals, etc. According to the article of U.S News, half of the students say the increase in tuition fees making them reconsider finishing their college degree. A quarter of the student population in the college increasingly dropping out because they are not able to afford the expense.

Student loans are the solution and they are easy to get. But lack of understanding on how many years need to spend on paying off loans only creates stress. Go sit with the financial advisor who can give you the structure of the loan and get a firm grasp on the debt.

Outlining notes

Taking notes is not enough, but understanding what you wrote down will help you actually grasp the material. Set aside a few minutes after class to outline your notes. Design and manage a system that works for you. If you came across something that doesn’t make sense to you then write it down on paper so that you can ask a professor for clarification.


Every problem in this blog leads to raises stress levels in student’s life. Most college students find their homework difficult which also increases the level of stress into depression. To cope up with stress, students find partying as a temporary relief but it doesn’t permanently remove depression from their life.

If you have stress and depression issues then you may trigger it by seeking professional support. And, there is no harm in taking professional help with essay writing, if you are having a hard time go to these sites as they are made to reduce your depression. Also, many colleges give free counseling to these students. Counselors in colleges are highly trained to listen and help students to get back on track.

Picking up major

There is a lot of pressure and confusion in picking a major because the selection of a major determines a future career and tells how much money you will make. This means making the right decision is highly important.

Majors are important but they don’t tell 100% how much money you will make and what your future career brings. Always choose something that involves your interest. If you are unsure what to choose then go to select something broad like communication. Many students change their area of expertise to get a Master’s degree. Worrying too much about a major is useless, instead, try to focus on gaining skills and knowledge.

Poor health condition or sickness

Increase in stress, lack of sleep, and poor self-care cause many health problems. Living in a dorm room causes many health risks and increases the chance of illness.

Eating healthy food and avoiding junk food by adding a balanced diet decreases the chances of illness. Frequently wash your hands properly and have good sleep at night. Moreover, if you feel any symptoms of illness it is better to visit your campus doctor ASAP.

Social problems

You are lucky if you are an extrovert or like to make new friends everywhere. For building a sound community environment it is important to spend time and establish connections you’re your roommates and classmates. However, spending an excessive amount of time with them can also rise conflicts between each other and can bring more challenges just like web development? Social relations can also become a distraction in your education path.

Give some time to yourself. If it is possible then go out of the campus on a walk in the neighborhood and visit a coffee shop, mall, or Local Park. Not only prioritize your time on studies also give some time to yourself. If your conflicts in college arise then you need to go to your RA or another friend to seek help.


Having relationships in college life is perfectly normal. The relationship gives no harm but sometimes they become unbearable. Relationships take a lot of your time and gradually start to encroach on your studies. There are many times when couples have disagreements which leads them to distraction from studies and increases stress levels up.

Giving relationship advice is very hard to give as every relationship case is different. Always establish clear communication from the starting point. If you have a break up it is important to consult the college counselor to bring you out from it.

Wrapping up

There is no harm in taking help and we must encourage them. They are not alone to take all burdens on their shoulders and stress out. If they are stressed out due to the number of assignments, consult the best essay writing service for help. Moreover, if there is any personal problem they can discuss it with family and go to college counselors. Facing problems is a part of life and remember there is always a way out.