5 Top Medical Billing Software

What are Medical Billing Software? 

Medical billing software is used widely and by most medical practices in North America because of the relative ease they provide. These days computers are used for almost any processes that you can think of and a lot of management done in medical practices now comes from computer software. One of these software is medical billing software which is getting more popular by the day all over the world. Apart from medical billing software, there is also EHR software and practice management software. A lot of times all of these are provided by the same vendor and can be easily integrated with one another like Kareo EHR also has Kareo medical billing software as well as a practice management software. We will dive deeper into the topic of medical billing software below outlining some of the best ones in the game right now. 

Best Medical Billing Software in the Game

This is a great software and has quite a few features you will enjoy and which will definitely make things easier for you at your practice. It has eEligibility features which figure out insurance eligibility on a case by case basis for you so you can have a better idea of the money you will have incoming from claims you file and what not. The medical billing system also happens to be cloud based so you can also access your billing system from anywhere in the world without any issues. This billing software also has a financial reporting and analytics feature which helps you keep on track of your financial situation at all times. 


This is another very popular software when it comes to medical billing software and has been around for a while. Like Kareo EHR this software also has a EHR compatible with it which is able to integrate with this billing software. This software has many features which help you with your financial situation and help you receive more income. These features include claims processing and claims scrubbing features which are very popular. This software also has a code and charge entry which helps you not to double charge a client. 


Since we have already used the example of Kareo EHR Software, this is another software which has the whole range of software; from EHR to practice management software which are all compatible with the medical billing software by this vendor. There are several features this software has which are great. It gives you real time eligibility on every case and patient so you can have an idea of who is eligible with their insurance instantly without having to wait at all. There are medical codes which make things much simpler and keep everything easier for you and require less time from you when you are doing your billing. 


And finally, one of the most popular software vendors, from Kareo EHR to its medical billing software; this is a very popular choice among doctors and medical practices. The pricing for this software is very affordable and the packages start at the lower end of the pricing spectrum. This software allows for credit card processing which is instant and very convenient. You also have a dedicated support staff from the vendor that is there for you with every issue you might have to resolve it immediately. The reviews for the Kareo EHR as well as the billing software are all quite positive and these software highly recommended by consultants to doctors and medical practices around the world. 


These days most medical practices cannot function without a medical billing software and NueMD is another option which is decent. This software for medical billing also has claims processing and claims scrubbing features which help you in getting your claims approved at a higher rate than before. The software also gives payment reminders to both you and the patient so you can keep track of what is owed and have a better idea of your medical practice’s financial health. 

Which Medical Billing Software you Should Invest in

So now that we have told you about various medical billing software which exist you are probably wondering which one we would recommend out of all five. Well, we cannot make a single recommendation since it depends entirely on you. What we can do is give you tips on how you can choose an appropriate software for yourself. Make a list of all the features you would hope to have in a medical billing software to help you with managing your medical practice and then match these features with the software options on the market. The software which matches all or most of the features you have listed down is the one you should go for since that is the software which will be catering to your needs. It might be a good idea to check out the billing software of the EHR you already use. For example if you use Kareo EMR then consider checking out Kareo’s medical billing software for easy integration. Hopefully, these tips will lead you to a medical billing software which will be the best fit for you and your practice and can help you achieve the financial goals you have set out for yourself.