6 Useful Eco-friendly Flower Bouquet Ideas for Anniversary

With the world turning eco-friendly, a lot of people prefer to receive and send eco-friendly flower bouquets. If any special occasion like your wedding anniversary or birthday is round the corner and you want your bouquet to look immensely presentable & eco-friendly, you can take help from these ideas. One can enjoy an online anniversary flowers delivery service to get a bouquet at doorstep and prepare a beautiful flower bouquet for her.

Eco-friendly Flower Bouquet Ideas

Here are 6 useful eco-friendly flower bouquet ideas for your anniversary.

Prepare a Greenery Bouquet

A gorgeous wedding bouquet can be prepared without including flowers. It is a great idea to include all the fresh vines and plants in the bouquet. There is a wide range of foliage available that can make your bouquet look simply the best. You can choose vine, green trick dianthus, ferns and a number of other plants to prepare a gorgeous bouquet for your better half. Though greenery bouquets are without flowers, these bouquets look immensely appealing. You can take help of florists to prepare this bouquet and suggest you

Sustainable Birch Wood Flowers

Some people with exceptional artistic skills can make use of Birch Wood Shavings for creating faux flowers which look just like real flowers. Bu, only a skilled artisan can create stunning wedding bouquets and similar floral arrangements.

Sola Wood Flower Bouquets

These faux flower alternatives can make eco-friendly and gorgeous bouquets that can inspire awe of others. With the help of these eco-friendly flowers, a beautiful flower bouquet can be created. These flowers come directly from the shavings of marshy plants. They have the same feel and texture as that of Balsa wood. Like the birch wood, bark of the Sola Wood can be cut back and the inside of the wood can be shaped and shaved to look like real flowers.

A great thing about these flowers is the fact that they look just like the most beautiful flowers. It requires a good amount of skills to create wedding bouquet flowers and therefore you can take help of a wood sculptor to create this bouquet. You can also consider getting these flowers painted in the color choice of your better half.

Go for Unique Veggie and Fruits Bouquets

You can skip artificial flowers made up of wood altogether and can create an arrangement of fruits and dried herbs. With some strategic snipping, arranging, cutting you can make a bouquet that your sweetheart will adore for sure. To present a bouquet made up of unique veggies and fruits is a great idea indeed. It will help you to be eco-friendly and can make you different from others. You can give wings to your imagination to choose purple cabbage instead of real flowers or spinach for foliage, bright-colored tomatoes and apples as accents.

Create One of its Kind Paper Flower Bouquets

If you are creative and believe in using DIY tricks then you can create an amazing paper flower bouquet that looks great and admired by the recipients. Unlike the real flowers that need to be dyed, you can create paper flower bouquets that appear like a color palette. It is good to know the favorite color of your better half first before preparing this bouquet.  If the idea of paper flower bouquet does not strike you, it is good to choose silk flowers that are pleasant to look at and great to touch.

In fact bouquets made up of fabric flowers look really good and are used for making eco-friendly bouquets.

Fluffy Cotton Bouquets Look Wonderful

If you explore online forums you are sure to find out that bouquets made up of fluffy cotton is a hot trend. You just have to pay for the additional supplies and decorations if you have enough cotton with you. These eco-friendly bouquets look very beautiful and can be a great idea.


If you are eco-friendly and out on a mission to save Mother Nature, go in for the flower bouquet ideas that can help you fulfill your mission. However, just keep in mind that bouquets made up of real flowers need not to be discouraged for use. If they are grown in the natural light, making use of natural fertilizers and safe pesticides, eco-friendly people can use these blooms. Get eco-friendly wedding anniversary flower delivery and prepare a beautiful bouquet for her.