9 Amazing Mobile App Ideas for 2022

Today, there are more than 2 million apps available for download for both Android and iOS users. The mobile app industry is growing at a great pace. By the end of 2023, the mobile app market is projected to generate around $950 billion in revenue via paid downloads and in-app advertising.

These figures excite the young entrepreneurs. They know if they have a start-up idea with small funding, they can invest in a mobile app to introduce a revolutionary concept. It could be a mobile game or a local business, a healthcare app, or an app exclusively designed for foodies.

The possibilities are endless. All you need is a unique idea, and then an app to promote it. You can earn through advertising or by promoting your own business. 

Are you in the same boat, looking for some fresh mobile app ideas to change your fortunes, earn online, and become a young online entrepreneur? 

You’re at the right place. We have compiled a list of some amazing ideas that are easy to implement and have higher chances of success.

9 Amazing Mobile App Ideas for 2022

1. Local Buy & Sell App

You will be amazed to learn about the potential of such platforms where locals can buy and sell anything easily. Whether you are living in a village or a city, this idea is legit everywhere. All you need is a convenient app to connect buyers and sellers.

You don’t need to charge anything from the buyer or seller, just earn through ads. Given the potential of this idea, you can attract thousands of people from your area.

2. Dog Training App

Do you know an average household in the United States owns 1.6 dogs? Training a dog is always challenging, they can bite strangers, start barking on guests, and can be too aggressive at times.

Paying a professional dog trainer to train them is out of budget for some dog owners. So they resort to online dog training mobile apps. If you have a great understanding of this subject, then go on. There’s enough room in this niche for upcoming mobile applications.

3. eBook Reading App

Ebook app

It’s rare for people to carry physical books these days. With Kindle and plenty of online reading channels including ebooks, bookworms can read more in less money. 

Paper books can be expensive compared to subscription-based online reading apps. You can create a mobile app where readers can read or listen to any book for free, or pay a monthly subscription fee to access ebooks.

4. App to Find the Nearest Utility Place

This is a great idea if you are living in a capital of a country or a city like New York or London where the buzz never stops. You can easily lose yourself in the crowd, and navigating one’s way becomes a problem.

Why not launch an app that tells people living in different areas of a city where the saloon is, or where they can find a restaurant? Without any doubt, thousands of people will download and use such a mobile app.

5. Pill Reminder App

Health problems like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. are no longer restricted to adults. Even young people have such health problems and they rely on regular medication to live a normal life. Why not create an app that reminds people when to take a pill?

Young people are prone to missing their pills due to their busy schedules. For sure, they would love to have an app that regularly reminds them when it’s time to take a pill for a particular issue.

6. Remote-Job App

Remote Job App

There are thousands of websites and mobile apps available for job search. But the trends have changed recently, people are more inclined toward remote jobs. And there are no portals dedicated to only remote job ads.

You can fill in this vacuum with your mobile app that connects remote employers with remote workers.

7. Food Recommendations App

Foodies are everywhere. And they are constantly looking for something new, yummy to meet their taste buds. Don’t create a food order app, there are already quite a few available for this purpose.

Instead, design an algorithm that automatically suggests foods based on a person’s taste or other goods he/she likes.

8. Food Donation App

How would you feel when you become a source of food for the poor in your society? There’s a lot of room in this niche on both Android and Apple stores.

Create an app that connects you to the local restaurants, who let you come over and pick up the leftovers. It will be your responsibility to distribute that food among the poor. Display ads to make a few bucks and manage expenses.

9. Tenant Finder App

When it comes to renting a house or an apartment, both parties want to avoid a middle man. You can create an app that connects both in a specific area ( don’t create an app that covers the entire city/country unless you are sure no one else has created such an app for your area).

Final Words

Find a mobile app development company to get started. Share your idea with them, tell them what functionalities you are expecting in the application, and what’s your budget. Explore your options before finally hiring the best possible company/team for this job.

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