The Evolution Of Android Operating Systems: Version 1.0 To 11

The android operating systems was developed by Google to be used with touch screen devices. From the day it was released to till date, the android system has been changed visually and functionally.

The Various Versions Of Android Operating Systems

Version 1.0-1.1

The official debut of android was in 2008 with android 1.0. As it was an early release no name was assigned to this version. It was pretty basic but did have apps like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube. All of these apps came integrated into the device’s operating system.

Version 1.5: Cupcake

Releases in early 2009’s, this version brought some revolutionary updates in the mobile devices. On-screen keyboards were introduced and third-party widgets were brought into the framework.

Version 1.6: Donut

Released in the fall of 2009, it filled some loopholes in the android system including the ability of OS to work on a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. Support of CDMA was also added that helped in the imminent explosion of Android.

Version 2.0-2.1: Éclair

It was the first version to enter the mainstream consciousness. The other element added was real-time traffic info and voice guide for navigation.

Version 2.2: Froyo

The major developments in this version include now-standard dock at the bottom of the home screen and incarnation of Voice Actions. It also added the support of Flash to the web browser of android.

Version 2.3: Gingerbread

After the release in 2010, the colour of the robot mascot of Android became an important part of OS appearance.

Version 3.0-3.2: Honeycomb

In 2011, the new version was released. A new dramatic reimagined UI was introduced, this version also included the innovation of on-screen buttons for navigational commands and the concept of card-like UI emerged.

Version 4.0: Ice cream sandwich

This version marked the official entry of Android into the modern design era in 2011. New visual concepts emerged along with the unified UI vision.

Version 4.1-4.3: Jelly Bean

Plenty of composure and polish was added in the operating system in the year 2012-2013. ‘Google Now’ was introduced in this time along with the multi-user support. This version also allowed the users to add widgets to lock screen.

Version 4.4: KitKat

It was released in late 2013. Lighter and more neutral highlights took place and a transparent status bar was added for a more contemporary look.  The first version of ‘Ok, Google’ support was also released in this era.

Version 5.0-5.1: Lollipop

In 2014, Google reinvented Android operating systems. The ‘Material Design standard’ was also introduced at this time. The card-based concept became the core UI pattern. It also introduced features like hands-free voice control via ‘Ok, Google’.

Version 6: Marshmallow

Released in 2015, the most prominent features of this version included ‘Now On Tap’, support for fingertip and USB-C.

Version 7.0-7.1: Nougat

This 2016 version, provided split-screen mode and ‘data saver’ feature. Alt-tab like shortcut was also created to switch between apps. The most prominent feature was the emergence of Google Assistant.

Version 8.0-8.1: Oreo

Native picture-in-picture mode, notification snoozing and channels were introduced in this version.

Version 9: Pie

Released in 2018, its most trans-formative feature was the hybrid gesture and a dashboard of Digital Well-being controls.

Version 10

It was released in 2019, with prominent features like a traditional three-button navigation system. And a new setup of hot-fix-style updates.

Version 11

Launched in 2020, the resolve around policy was updated and more user-facing features were introduced.

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