Apple iPhone 8: The Evolution We Earned

Over the decade, there is also a specific template of iPhone reviews: first, the author lists the changes compared to the last series, and then gives recommendations – to take or not?

Apple iPhone 8

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About seven years ago, the answer to this question was quite clear: “If there is money, then, of course, take!” Sometimes, of course, the authors allowed themselves a slight flirtation. Like, well, in principle, you can spend another year on the old site, it’s okay.

But the reader understood that with the same success, it is possible to heat potatoes and dance in a concrete mixer. Therefore, the desire to buy a new iPhone from such “tips” only increased. Between generations of Apple smartphones, then lay an abyss. Even the S’s book meant a lot. For example, the iPhone 3G and 3GS were fundamentally different phones in terms of user experience. And the iPhone 4 with 4s too.

But times have changed. Progress in electronic components inevitably slowed due to the lack of a breakthrough in battery technology (they have been trampling on the spot for 15 years). In place of the loving experiments of Steve Jobs came cynical pragmatist Tim Cook.

And for him, innovation for the sake of creation is not a super-task. Who says people need a new design every year? They are only used to the old, and what – relearn? For so many years, Samsung taught to the hardware button on the front and suddenly roar – removed it, and the fingerprint scanner was put next to the rear camera. Why would a man get so stressed?

The iPhone 8 was supposed to be called the iPhone 7s because it’s an intermediate model as part of Apple’s development cycle. You can distinguish the “eight” from the “seven” only on the back cover, which became glass for the miracle of wireless charging, in the case, which, incidentally, is perfectly suitable from the seventh model, the differences in the exterior and not at all obvious.

We’re going to talk about the differences, but as the author of the 12th review in a row, I’m going to break the tradition a little bit and write about the cherished “take – don’t take.”

If you have an iPhone 7 and don’t need wireless charging, you don’t have to borrow it.

If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, and you are entirely satisfied with its camera (as well as do not need wireless charging), you can not take it.

And now – about the differences.

The glass rear, which replaced the aluminum, looks more beautiful and to the touch more pleasant. However, I have long been using smartphones only in cases, and even Apple’s assurances about the most robust glass in the galaxy will not convince me. The point is more reliable. Wireless charging works great through it, for which this second glass miracle was created (after the first, in the iPhone 4). By the way, I have the “eight” perfectly began to charge from the wireless base Nokia, which I took back in 2012. Yes, some innovations come into the apple world later than usual. On the other hand, I took this charge from the farthest shelf for the sake of the new iPhone because I did not use it. Somehow it didn’t catch on in my time.

The iPhone 8 Plus has updated the second camera module, which contains a telephoto lens. In 7 Plus, it usually worked only in perfect light, and already in the light twilight terribly “noise” and periodically tried to disable the portrait mode. Now, everything is just perfect in the light of day, and in the room, let’s say, not bad. Huawei, which first came up with this chip with a blur of background, left a trump card in the form of regulation of the degree of blurring post-fact. But Apple in the 8 Plus has the opportunity to change the model of lighting retroactively, and it looks in some cases adorable, and sometimes just amazing. You can detect the time when games with lighting will appear in the worst friends in the business.

It is worth mentioning that the primary camera was perfect already in the iPhone 7, and everyone will not notice its next improvement. And the difference in pictures between the iPhone 7 and 8 (ordinary, without the plus) is noticeable only when a thoughtful look. Some people even think she’s gone.

These were changes from the category of obvious. There are others – a much more powerful processor, the possibilities of which will be useful for enjoying augmented reality (when there are smart applications), fast charging (if you buy an additional charger), automatic setting of the white balance on the screen (TrueTone technology, migrated from the iPad Pro). But then you have to either look closely or pay extra.

You may have already realized that the iPhone 8 is the most… Apple’s evolutionary update. It was as if it was developed not by audacious engineers but by doctors, saying, “Not harm! The best is the enemy of the good!” And all because the “eight” is not the main premiere of the season. On October 27, pre-orders for the noticeably more breakthrough iPhone X will begin with a special price of 80 to 92,000 rubles per copy. In general, of course, Apple should have made an expensive iPhone. If resellers, taking advantage of the deficit, sell conventional iPhones for double the price, why not take at least one and a half? There’s a demand.

And the fact that the company managed to collect small queues even at the start of the intermediate model is very cool. “I just take my hat off,” as Fyodor Bondarchuk said (admittedly, a little bit different). You can blame Apple for “insufficient innovation” as much as you want, but they still know how to sell your product there. It is perhaps more important than a couple of enthusiastic faintings in the stream on Youtube in a difficult time.