How Much Is A Second Hand iPhone 7?

If you’re looking for a second hand iPhone 7, you’ll already know what you need in terms of the phone itself. You’ll know what kind of storage it should have, for example, and what condition you want it to be in. What you might not know is how much you should be paying for it.

The price of a second hand iPhone 7 will vary. On, they start at £109.99 and go up to £134.99, and this is a fair price overall. However, before you can make a final determination about what you’re happy to pay, there are some considerations to think about. Read on to find out more.

Is It Worth Buying A Second Hand iPhone 7?

Although it is always going to be much less expensive to buy a second hand iPhone 7 than it is to buy a brand new one, especially if you’re purchasing a later release, you might wonder if it is really worth buying a second-hand iPhone 7. Yes, you’re saving money, but will it last, for example, or will you need to spend more money later on?

The answer is it will depend on where you buy the phone from. If you need a second-hand iPhone 7, buying from a reputable seller online is a good idea. In this way, if there is a problem with the phone you will have someone to go back to and discuss the issues with. If you buy from a private seller, you might not have that recourse should something go wrong. If you choose the right phone from the right marketplace, it is certainly worth buying a second-hand iPhone 7.

How Do You Want It To Look?

A second-hand iPhone 7 is not going to be perfect, and even the ones in the best condition will have a few marks on them. This is one of the trade-offs you’ll need to make when buying second-hand instead of new. Yet knowing how many marks you are willing to contend with, or what kind of level of scratches you’re happy to have, will help you to determine just how much you want to pay for your secondhand iPhone 7.

The more used a phone is, the more scratches and marks and dents you can see, the less you’ll pay – or rather, the less you should pay. Just as with anything, if something isn’t in great condition (to look at, that is – it should work just fine, of course), you won’t be paying full price for it. If you want to save money, choose something that is a little less pristine.

What Features?

What features do you want in your iPhone? Make a list of everything you have to have, everything you really want, and see if a second-hand iPhone 7 will provide you with that. If not, you might have to look for a new version of the iPhone and increase your budget. If you can’t do that and the iPhone 7 is what you can afford, you’ll need to make sure it’s still worth buying if you can’t have all the features you want.

In general, the price of a second-hand iPhone 7 will range between £100 and £150, but there are several factors that will determine precisely how much you have to pay.