Best Things To Do in London

The most visited country in Europe, London, has a unique charm. And traveling is always on the radars of travel enthusiasts. If it’s your first trip to London, then the range of choices this city offers can easily overwhelm you. This sinfully gorgeous city has so much to offer to everyone.

Filled with picturesque sight-seeing sights, London’s architectural designs have a different aesthetic. With the humongous crowd celebrating the New Year Parade or vibrant colors all around the Chinese new year, everything is celebrated brilliantly in London.

Embrace the history from the Tower of London, feed the art lover in you with a visit to the Arts Museum, or relax in Hyde Park. London is full of amazing experiences.

Know the best things to do in London to enjoy your visit to the fullest-

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the most popular and the royal park of London. The biggest park in London shares a historical significance. It was used to host demonstrations and protests by the Suffragettes.
If you spot artists performing debates, music shows, and acts, spend some time watching them. Go for paddle boating and encounter the elegant swans. And if you are too tired to do anything, then just relax while catching a breath of fresh air.


Camden has a distinct culture from the rest of London. With a unique landscape, the major businesses here are tattoo parlors, and piercing shops. In London, they divided the food eaten into classes. Like a few dishes, like fish and chips are considered being eaten by poor. And the high tea is a classy thing to have.
Camden offers every range of these foods from street one to international cuisines. Shops are selling beautiful artworks that you can take home. The amazing vegan freshly baked cookies will melt in your mouth. Enjoy a shopping spree in the local markets for a budget-friendly experience.

London Eye

One of London’s treasures, the London Eye was constructed to celebrate a millennium. A giant Ferris wheel is an eye offering a mesmerizing view of the city. If you are afraid of heights, then just go for a walk to the London Eye. At night, the wheel illuminates different floral lights sharing a magical experience.
If you are visiting London around the New Year, then enjoy the fireworks display. Splurge on a pode either privately or with some other people and enjoy the epic view.


The lesbian bars are a great attraction of Soho. If you want to experience the epic nightlife, Soho is the perfect place for you. The city wakes when the suns sets and parties until it rise back again.
Once a great sex center, the city still has a few sex shops in it. Except for clubs and bars, the city has theaters, restaurants, and jazz bars to explore. In the day, the small cafes around the street serve fresh pastries and lattes. And take a walk on Old Compton Street.


The trendiest area of London, Shoreditch, has gone under extensive regeneration. It is a cool place to stay in London offering amazing nightlife. The city has many restaurants and cafes making it the perfect place to spend a day and evening.

Trapeze, a circus-themed bar, is a great attraction and a must-visit in the city. Drink here some innovative drinks out of unique popcorn tub-style cups. If you are in love with Pop-culture then Far Rockaway is a must-visit.

Hampstead Heath

Standing upon 790 acres of land, Hampstead heath is one of the biggest parks in London. Situated upon one of the top points of London offers some magnificent views of the city.

Catch a breath of fresh air with delightful nature, large ponds, and specific wooden areas. If you are into wildlife, then it is the perfect place to encounter some. Swimming lidos are a great treat to the adventurer souls. And the Kenwood house is a retreat to history lovers. Catch a direct flight from USA to London to be a part of these amazing experiences.

Thames Cruise

The major river of London, the Thames, is a great attraction to every traveler visiting the city. And a cruise on the River Thames is an absolute retreat. The fresh and cold water of the Thames, the fresh brew of air, and riding between the river is a magical experience to have.
You don’t need to have pre-bookings or anything to be a part of a cruise. As cruises run every 30 minutes and you can easily find one. If you like nights more than days, then take a cruise at night and encounter the magic of London’s sky and water.

Baker Street

A dream visit to every Sherlock Holmes Fan, Baker Street is the place where the famous detective used to live. You can visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum near the Underground station and reminisce about the memories of the great show.
The world-renowned Madame Tussauds is just around the corner where you can find the wax statues of your favorite artists and characters. Take a break from the crowd of Baker street and relax at Regent’s Park. Take a flight from London to USA and enjoy an amazing journey.

The O2

Once known as the millennium dome, O2 celebrates a millennium. It is London’s prime destination hosting stage shows and music events regularly. The restaurants here deal with different International cuisines and you can enjoy the taste of almost every part of the world.

An idle place for adventure and thrill seekers, The O2 is a perfect place for a friend’s getaway. If you have some extra time in your pocket, go climb the O2 and encounter some magical views of the city.

Platform 9 ¾

Who isn’t a fan of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter? And the different magical paths to enter the Hogwarts school of magic. One of these paths is the famous platform 9 ¾ that appears 3 to 4 times in the movie series. The amazing fact is that you can visit this unique platform number in London.
Visit the King’s Cross Railway station to encounter the epic train platform. Wear the house colors and pose in front of the wall. Maybe you and your luggage disappear and you found yourself on a train to Hogwarts.