10 Business Tools Every Mompreneur Needs to have to be able to run a successful business (and not lose her sanity)

The running of a full-time or even part-time business requires a plan, strategy and the right tools joker stash. There are numerous tools to assist you in staying productive and organized. These tools are essential for mompreneurs. I am aware of how important they are. I’m serious. They help me make my life and work much more organized and I don’t know about you friend maintaining my sanity intact as much as possible is pretty important.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will recognize that joker stash registration I do not like the work/life balance approach. It’s restrictive and impossible to achieve for moms trying to balance their lives and their families with their interests. I find it invaluable to be equipped with the tools that will help me combine these two areas of my life. I am very excited to share 10 tools each mompreneur must have for running a successful business, and also how I earned $6.000 in my coaching business in just 7 days to share with you. This isn’t an ad. Read on! I no doubt know this article will help you tackle motherhood and life a bit easier while creating some awesome momentum for your business.

1. A WEBSITE will enable you to consolidate all your information into one place. Websites can be a great way to increase traffic, offer benefits, and create leads for your business. There is no need to invest a lot in design. I love and utilize Squarespace to host my site.

I utilize Calendly to schedule appointments for clients and keep my schedule all in one place. It was easy to set up my availability and calendar. Clients can also make an appointment online. The system also sends reminder emails to prevent no-shows or missed appointments. It works as described HERE.

You may also utilize different online tools and, if prefer to write, it’s okay. The aim is to come up with a solution that works for you.

It is essential to collect email leads as traffic to your website , so that you can continue building relationships with your network. Mailchimp is an excellent choice particularly for those who are new to the business. The first 1000 subscribers are free. ConvertKit, MailerLite, Aweber and Constant Contact are great solutions as well. Recently, I made the switch to ActivCampaign. I am still testing the integration with my CRM as well as email.

I’m an MAC girl, and I am a fan of using videos as part of my marketing strategy. I am a fan of iMovie to edit my videos before they go to YouTube.

Canva is a fantastic tool to create headers for social media and other graphics to aid in building your online brand. It’s very user-friendly and fun. It will help you unleash or unleash your creative side. There’s a no-cost option as well as an Canva For Work option but just starting out the FREE version has tons of free templates, images and fonts.

This is an awesome Facebook streaming application that lets users to engage with their audience via Facebook Live. BeLive lets you broadcast live. BeLive you can broadcast together with your friends and teammates and produce a professional live broadcast directly via Facebook Live on your wall or page. Live stream video can be integrated into BeLive productions. BeLive production.

This is one aspect of running a business that’s usually not anyone’s favorite. We all like to make money and earn a profit for our work and efforts but the actual procedure of billing and collection is never the most exciting part. There are a lot of tools that can help simplify this process, such as Fresh Books, SquareUp and Stripe.

It could be that you’re thinking “I don’t have enough money to hire a VA right away.” However, I’m here to tell you. It’s not necessary to pay thousands of dollars a month to hire someone to help you with a couple of tasks. It’s about analyzing what you’re doing with your time and if it is used for revenue-generating tasks. Check your budget and see what you are able to afford. A few hours a week to send out an email newsletter to allow you to schedule another call and close out the client and pays for itself.

My VA has enabled me to double my business because I’m not as absorbed in my computer.

Kendra-LinkedIn-Sales-Navigator (1).png
I am extremely excited to share one of those best-kept secrets in the world of lead generation. You may know that LinkedIn is a fantastic way for professionals to connect and connect with other professionals. You may have an existing LinkedIn profile that you don’t visit or check because you just aren’t sure how to use it but what you may not know is that there’s an incredible lead generator on LinkedIn known as Sales Navigator.

The cost is $80 per month and there is a steep learning curve to the use of it, time that I simply did not have to spend but I could see how beneficial it could be in identifying competent candidates for my coaching business. This is how I met an individual who was proficient at using the tool, allowing me to concentrate on my strengths and areas where I am a pro.

Let me be honest. I was hesitant at first about outsourcing because I have experienced horror stories and experience with other businesses that outsource and offshore, which means the quality of the experience suffers. With Jeff and VA Staffer this wasn’t the case. Jeff takes great pride in his work and so does his staff. Jeff personally checks each employee , making sure they’re an extension of you and your brand.