10 Steps to Know About Applying Fake Nails At Home

For a long time, the manicure industry shunned press-on nails. Very few people were comfortable confessing to using press-on nails. How things have changed; many in the fashion and nail care industries are advocating for press-on nails as the easiest means of achieving a fresh manicure that’s also durable.

Importantly, press-on nails allow users to change the looks of their nails easily and fast. Some users apply the fake nails to match their outfits every day, a feat that’s nearly impossible with a regular manicure.

There are plenty of additional benefits to using press-on nails, including time-saving, cheaper than a manicure, protecting your natural press on nails, and they offer a lot more options and variety. That being said, you can only accrue the benefits mentioned above when you buy quality products such as the LUXXI Instant Manicure press-on nail kits. 

The kit comes with 24 press-on nails of 12 different sizes, nail glue, nail glue stickers, manicure stick, nail file, and an alcohol prep pad. In a nutshell, it comes with everything you need to apply press-on nails at home.

#1. Pick The Right Nail Size matters when it comes to press-on nails. For the best results, you should match your fake nail size with the size of your natural nails. For the most part, press-on nail kits come with 24 nails, and all of the nails are numbered on the underside. 0 is usually the largest nail, and 9 or 11 is the smallest. 

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Given that people have different nail shapes and sizes, there is no one-size-fits-all. You should test the nails and find the best match for your natural nails. 

Your preparation is a critical step, and it influences the longevity of the nails. Grime and oil are a press-on nail’s worst enemy. As such, follow the steps outlined below:

#2. Wash Your Hands And Nails The first step you should make is to prepare your hands and nails. Wash your hands with soap thoroughly. 

Thereafter, dry your hands and nails. The next step is to eliminate all types of oil from your nails. Naturally excreted oils or oil applied on your hands in the form of lotion will weaken the glue, causing the formation of bubbles or cracking during the application process.

#3. Push Cuticle Back With the aid of a wooden stick, push your cuticles back. Pushing back your cuticles aids in the longevity of the best press-on nails. As such, it is a must-follow step. However, you should do it slowly. The last thing you want is to tear the cuticles. A tear means you won’t be able to apply the press-on nails. 

#4. Clip And File Your Natural Nails To The Right Size And Shape Your natural nails will continue to grow beneath the press-on nails. As such, you should file your nails short in preparation for the fake nails application.

#5. Apply The Press Fake Nails When applying the nails, you should ideally apply the nails on the dominant hand first. Apply the correct amount of glue on both the natural and fake nails. Bring the fake nail up to your cuticle and apply the nails downwards. Doing so reduces the risk of bubbles forming. Apply pressure on the nails and hold for 10 to 15 seconds for the glue to solidify.

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#6. File Last You should file your nails as the last step. Allow the nail glue to set before contouring and shaping. And while shaping, do so from the sidewall for a more natural aesthetic and feel.

#7. Being Careful Will Make The Nails Last Longer Naturally, the more water and oil your press on acrylic nails interact with, the less they will last. If you intend for your nails to last a week or two, you should avoid water and excessive exposure of your nails to oil, whether natural or otherwise

#8. Apply The Nails At Night, Preferably After applying your press-on nails, you should stay at least 3 hours without applying any oil (even lotion) on your hands and nails. Any interaction between the glue and oils before it set will affect the longevity of the nails. With this in mind, it is advisable to do your nails at night, when you can avoid applying lotion on your hands.

#9. Choose The Right Removal Process After you’ve enjoyed all the benefits of press-on nails, a time comes when you have to remove the nails. Removing press-on nails is not a daunting task, or it shouldn’t be. For press-on nails, you attach with self-adhesive, warm water, and a little oil will do the trick. 

On the other hand, when you attach press-on nails with nail glue such as the LUXXI Brush-On Nail Glue, soak the nails in an acetone-based remover for 10 to 15 minutes. The nails will slide off without any resistance. Alternatively, you can use a glue remover. Please note, that if you use acetone as a remover method, the artificial nail will no longer be reusable. 

#10. To Keep Or To Bin Press-on nails can either be single-use or reusable. In the case of reusable press-on nails, you can clean the inner surface of the nail and reuse the nails later on. However, you can only use single-use nails once and bin them. Many self-adhesive nails are single-use nails.

Find out whether you can reuse your nails. Reusing single-use nails will yield less than ideal results, and it might harm your natural nails.

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Following these tips will make the process of applying press on nails a lot easier. Importantly, these tips will improve your overall experience of using press-on nails at home.