10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Social media is one of the most important things for any SEO strategy. It allows you to communicate with your audience directly and get to know their needs better. However, getting started with social media and having a large follower count isn’t an easy task. Here are some foolproof ways you can grow your audience as painlessly as possible.

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1. Keep up with trends

The internet is full of trends that take social media by storm every so often. Keep up with what’s happening and participate as much as you can. It’s bound to get more people to notice you since everyone is already talking about a particular trend.

2. Don’t skip on visual content

Social media marketing is all about presenting your brand and showing people what you’re all about. Since we’re visual creatures, for the most part, this includes visual content. 

In fact, people tend to prefer profiles with amazing videos, pictures, and helpful graphics.

3. Help, don’t sell

If you want people to see you as a brand and follow your account, you can’t overtly sell to them. This is because people hate feeling like they’re being marketed to. Instead, focus on being helpful and showing the public that you’re available for all their needs.

People will be much more likely to follow you and engage with your profile this way.

4. Find your audience

Instead of trying to attract everyone, focus on trying to attract people who are most likely interested in your business. Think about who would get the most use from your product or services and target those people.

It’ll be much easier to expand your audience this way. Once it grows, you can also expand on the type of people you’re marketing to.

5. Make use of hashtags

If you want people to easily find you, you have to use the right hashtags for your brand. This allows anyone interested in things you sell to easily discover your brand. For example, if you run a bakery, tag your posts with things related to baking, and people who search for those items will find your brand instead.

6. Post regularly

Without having a posting schedule, it’s very easy to forget to post altogether. This is no way to expand your audience, though, as people need content to keep being invested in your brand. You should set a schedule for posting your content and stick to it.

Luckily, a lot of social media platforms already have features that allow you to schedule posts in advance. All you have to do is sit down once a week, schedule everything, and watch new follows flow in.

7. React to posts

If you want to boost follower engagement and expand your audience, the best thing to do is to be responsive to what your followers’ post. People love brands that are approachable and in with the times.

Leaving a funny or relevant comment on a post can go a long way because it shows people that you care. By humanizing your brand, you attract more and more people who also want to interact with you. For this to work, though, make sure to leave actually unique comments on your followers’ posts.

8. Make use of paid ads

You may already have a setup PPC campaign for your company, but paying for ads on social media platforms is also useful. A lot of platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to tailor who you’re showing the ads to.

This means that you can easily and instantly reach your target audience without feeling like you’re wasting money on ads. They’ll come across your products or services simply while scrolling through their feed and are likely to follow the ad to your profile and follow you.

9. Hire an external agency

Because social media can be a lot, businesses everywhere choose to hire a social media marketing agency instead of doing the work themselves. This makes things run more smoothly and leaves more time for you and your team members to focus on improving more important aspects of your business.

As well as that, it leaves almost no room for mistakes, as experts who work in good agencies already have years of experience and know what they need to do to give you the results you’re after.

10. Make giveaways

There’s nothing people love more than getting things for free. If you want to get your audience and their friends talking about you, start a giveaway. This is a great way for new companies to break through all the noise on social media.

On top of that, giveaways are the perfect tool to celebrate milestones and thank your followers for being with your company.


As you can see, there are truly a lot of things you can do to increase your audience on all social media platforms. Of course, it’s better to look at the audience first and then decide which of the tactics you’ll use. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different methods to see what functions best.