10 Ways to Start Online Business Working 9 to 5

Moonlighting as an artist is challenging when operating 9-5—there’s no way to brush it with candy. Eight hours at work plus another 1-2 hours in commuting traffic can be taxed on your energy level, particularly while you’re in the early stages of launching an online lifestyle company. 

The beginning stages are the most difficult: registering your company, ensuring that you’re careful with your tax planning paperwork, studying new techniques, learning new methods, etc. The beginning stages include much of the hard work that is typically time-consuming and not all that attractive.

So, even if you may try to start your own online company while maintaining your normal employment, after a hard day at work, you’re still going to be exhausted and out of sight. Weekends may sound like a great chance to get a lot accomplished, but with the regular tasks of washing, house sweeping, shopping, and spending time with friends and family, there’s still not much room left.

Being in this loop will create several dead ends, and it can deter young companies from seriously developing their online company. It always begins with them thinking they’re going to try again tomorrow or next week, but over time it may transform into weeks and months without much changes being made. This entire scenario will make entrepreneurs feel dejected and much more hesitant to spend more effort in their company again and again.

Adopt modern technology, i.e. product customization:

Moreover, things become easiest when you adopt modern technology, i.e. product customization. The custom t-shirt printing industry is expected to cross US$ 10 Bn by 2025. Now, it may be clear how selling custom products in your online store is important. And, for that, you need a custom product design software such as ImprintNext. It enables your customer to personalize any product on your online store.

Yeah, if you’ve been in this loop before and want to break out of it once and for all, or whether you only decide to launch your first online company while still hanging on to your day’s job, there are several ideas you might use to keep track of yourself.

1. Get step by step- Not in a go:

Taking it one move at a time, first of all. You may get stopped by a movie while waiting for someone to respond to a text, or you could reach a roadblock that needs some thinking to get past, so try not to rush ahead or around too far. When you start running about, you might end up skipping measures and hurry through to get to more interesting sections of the company building phase.

Be gentle with yourself, the second of all. Don’t confuse yourself with the idea that you have to continuously focus on your company and devote as many hours as you can. Yeah, it could allow you better, but it’s not a viable way to develop a company over a long period of time. If you’re focusing on your side hustle when focusing 9-5, remember that it’s a marathon and not a jog, so don’t move too hard. Be careful with your company, with yourself, with your development over time. There’s no such thing as achievement instantly.

2. Organize your Strategy:

Everyone has their own method of keeping focused, but two items typically benefit most entrepreneurs: Evernote and Creating a Brand Bible. 

Evernote is one of those iconic collaboration devices that has been around (it seems) since the advent of the internet, and since then, every entrepreneur has used it as their digital diary to take notes that they need daily for their companies.

This can be used to hold records on product concepts, company details, contact information for vendors, distributors, customs agents, etc., or also brand name concepts, domain name ideas, etc. 

Evernote is always a fantastic resource to have because you will get the software on your computer, and if you have an idea or need to instantly reach out to a source, you’ve got the details right there with you on the go.

The Product Bible is another way to hold the company coordinated. We explore the definition of a brand Bible more thoroughly in our A Better Company: Ecommerce Branding Tutorial, but basically, the Company Bible is a tangible (or interactive, if it fits best for you!) copy of your business that includes all your marketing details such as your brand colors, font types, logo designs, promotional photographic images, receipts, orders, business card formats, models, certificates

3. Persistent Effort is Necessary:

When you’ve lost traction with your online enterprise, which can happen to experienced entrepreneurs as quickly as it can happen to young entrepreneurs, still go back to Consistent Beginning. 

Persistent Starting is one of the easiest methods to get back on track after you fall off the horse, so to speak. Not only does it work well to get back to creating your online company, but it will work to help you get back on board with certain good activities that you want to incorporate into your everyday life.

The definition of Persistent Beginning is simple: you have to be consistent in beginning your job every day. Your job may be anything: brainstorming new concepts, looking for a commodity, locating a distributor, putting up a website, sending an email, etc. Every job that takes you one step closer to your dream of beginning your online company. Choose your assignment for the day and continue with it.

It sounds simple, but it’s really the process of putting it into practice that’s going to be difficult. Therefore, to make it less complicated, the next stage in Persistent Starting is to set a timer. 

Sometimes, the toughest thing is just getting going on your assignment, so when you set a timer for 10 minutes and remind yourself that what you have to do is focus on your assignment for 10 minutes, so you can quit it, it makes things a lot simpler to stick to it! Suddenly, you don’t have a big challenge ahead of you, you only have to calm down for 10 minutes and accomplish as much in 10 minutes as you can.’

4. The Pareto Principle:

The Pareto Concept is a popular way of thinking used in the corporate world which is also referred to as the 80/20 rule: perform 20% of the job to obtain 80% of the results. 

When you’re focusing on developing your online company in your spare time, what you need to do is count. You don’t have room to waste and even better if you can do anything and achieve more than that, why wouldn’t you?! In every phase of the company building method, find a way to do 20% of the work to get 80% of the outcome.

5. Thought of The Day Inspires You:

We’ve addressed this idea before in our post, Citations & Videos that Will Inspire & Motivate You to Take Significant Action, as it’s a motivational technique and think school that shook the internet when it was first released and since then has built a community that has helped people around the world execute tasks not just in the industry, but also in their personal lives. (You can create funny memes using meme generator tools by itmemes)

6. Outsource:

When you’re employed on a full-time job and living for your hands, outsourcing will create a difference in the world. You don’t have as much energy to devote to developing your company as somebody who’s left their work to follow their online business full time, and to make steady improvements, outsourcing some of the duties is one of the smartest choices you may create.

Try outsourcing projects that are especially time-consuming to do or ones that you will have to invest a lot more time thinking about to perform. In the end, outsourcing will save you time in the long run, and time is money, particularly when you don’t have a lot to do with in the first place.

7. Take Shortcuts Wherever Possible:

Since you ought to make the best of the resources that you have, don’t waste time doing the job that’s already finished for you. Using the tools at your fingertips, such as reliable providers, free courses, databases, and tutorials, to save time by studying anything hard or looking for stuff via Google’s page after page. Using what some have made accessible to you so that you can move to the relevant bits.

9. Automate:

Automation is a friend of yours. Using each and every automation method that makes sense for the company and lets it operate more effectively. It helps to keep stuff going in the background while you can’t focus on your job, so make use of automation software to keep things running while you’re at the focus.

10. Focus on the right:

This can be difficult to tackle all at once because there are so many various items to achieve as you launch your company, so concentrate on what works for your company and that you can invest time pouring more effort into what’s going good, rather than attempting to push items that aren’t working. 

It can extend to practically anything when it comes to the online company, but it’s especially prevalent when it comes to marketing. Yes, you should bring your business out on any social networking site and marketing tool and gain attention, but if you stretch so thin attempting to be amazing at all, odds are none of them would be successful for you.

Consider what’s going on and stick to that. And particularly though it’s separate from what everybody else is doing or asking you to do. When you have more resources or more hands on the deck to set up other media platforms or certain aspects of the company, you will work on them. Before then, concentrate on what’s going to succeed and throw all the energy into it.


Some aspects of having an online lifestyle company up and running are enjoyable, others aren’t. Some of them are fast, some are hard. During some moments you should feel inspired and energized, on other occasions, you will be drained and ready to retreat. Bear in mind the reason you’re doing this. What’s your inspiration for this? Take it one move at a time, remain focused, keep working, and using the tools at your fingertips.