28 Best Small part-time business ideas – Most Successful

Are you looking for small part-time business ideas? Great, I have some trendy business ideas for 2021 to share with you.

Because of the rapid rise in inflation at present, everyone feels that their income is less.

But what if I told you that you can generate another source of some income. Only by working on holidays.

Yes, you read that right. You can have an extra source of income just by working on holidays. To clarify, start a small part-time business.

But before starting any business, you must go for company registration. Also, acquire all the necessary license required like GST Certificate to run legally and avoid conflicts.

Who can do a small business?

Whether the business is full-time or part-time, you will be your boss. Thus, no one has any pressure on you.

Everyone is free to do part-time business. For example, a student, housewife, engineer, doctor, teacher, lawyer etc.

Your profession does not matter when starting a business. All you need is skill and knowledge.

But the biggest obligation for doing part-time business is time.

However, only those who have extra time on holidays can do part-time business.

Types of Part-Time Business

In fact, almost all business can be done part-time. Although, you must have a dedication to your work. Because to do part-time business, you have to take time out from your regular time.

Here is a list of small part-time business ideas:

  •  Business of Online Form Submission and Memory Card Downloading
  •  Opening a Sunday Grocery Store
  •  Freelance Decoration
  •  Selling products online
  •  Freelance Website Development
  •  LIC insurance business
  •  Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra (Business of opening CSC centre)
  •  Driving Cabs
  •  Digital Marketing
  •  Network Marketing
  •  Tiffin Service
  •  Paper photocopying and printing business
  •  Business of cloth sewing centre by keeping artisans
  •  Travel Agency
  •  Tutoring an exquisite course/language course
  •  Freelance Blogging
  •  Starting a photography shop by hiring someone or by yourself if you are good at it.
  •  Event Management Business
  •  Social Media Manager
  •  Candle making business
  •  Paper-making business
  •  Makeup and beautician
  •  Freelancing writer
  •  Hobby classes
  •  Online survey
  •  Gym/Yoga Classes
  •  Child care centre
  •  cooking business

We see that most women forget their careers while taking care of the home and family.

Some women even leave their jobs after marriage. They want to work but can’t find time for it while fulfilling their family responsibilities.

But today the time has changed, in today’s time there are many such works for which women do not need to go out and work, they can work from home and earn some money along with other work.

Part-time business ideas for students

The college environment is very different from the school.

Also, the expenses of students increase in college. Therefore, pocket money is not enough for college-going students. With this in mind, we have come up with small part-time business ideas for students.

By working on a part-time business, you can also fulfil your needs and understand the tricks of the small business industry.

Here is a list of some great ideas for students to work on with basic knowledge:

  •  Creative arts
  •  YouTube Channel (About some course or learning)
  •  Blogging
  •  Instrument Classes (Music)
  •  Yoga-Gym Sessions
  •  Dance Classes
  •  Tuition
  •  IT Support
  •  Social Media Assistant
  •  Virtual Assistant
  •  Computer Classes
  •  Event Promoter
  •  Digital Marketing
  •  Logo Designing
  •  Poster Designing
  •  Freelancing

In fact, the part-time business concept was introduced for the students. Students used to do part-time business or work to pay their fees or for their expenses.

However, rising inflation has forced everyone to think about generating additional income.

And you can easily start these businesses in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. and in other words, can go for company registration in Mumbai.

So, now everyone can benefit from the above mentioned small part-time business ideas and work on being financially independent.