3 Reasons to Invest in a Shopify SEO Agency

So you have launched your Shopify store and everything seems alright, but you notice after a few weeks that you really aren’t getting the kind of traffic and sales you hoped you would.

Perhaps you have been keeping your store afloat for a year or more and the results have been less than stellar. Whatever the case may be, you have come to the conclusion that it’s finally time to do something about your weak Google positions and poor traffic.

A Shopify SEO Agency may be exactly what you need if you are having trouble getting enough foot traffic into your online store. There are actually several reasons why you need the help of a vetted eCommerce agency by your side, which are outlined below.

Get More Organic Traffic to Your Products

The first point that comes to mind and the main reason why most business owners invest in SEO is to get more traffic to their products. You can’t run an online business unless you’re actually making sales, right? In order to do this consistently you need a steady stream of traffic coming into your store.

There is no “easy” way to accomplish this task, but an SEO campaign can certainly help. With a properly implemented strategy, you can begin to rank higher in the search results, which will help more people find your website and your products. This translates into more sales over time, which is why SEO is considered the marketing strategy with the best ROI at the moment. There’s nothing quite as valuable as those top spots in Google.

Improve the Shopping Experience For Your Users

One thing that SEO also helps with is that it simply makes your website better in general, which in turn improves the shopping experience. Users are looking for a streamlined and helpful website to shop on, and through a meticulous SEO campaign, you can help provide this for them.

For instance, through an SEO campaign you might be more apt to enhance the information or copy on a product page, which may translate to users having a better idea or understanding of what you are selling in the first place. This leads to more sales because the users will be more confident in the product they are looking at.

Whether it’s a better-organized menu or category structure, improved meta titles, or faster page speeds, SEO in general is a good solution for stores that need that extra push to be considered truly professional and user-friendly.

Enhance Your Brand Appeal

SEO also helps with branding, because your website is an expression or tool of your brand and should be designed to deliver your brand message to your audience. If your website is not optimized or looks amateurish, you’re not going to be able to properly communcite the goals and intensions of your brand. This won’t do your website any favors if you are trying to get more conversions.

A Shopify SEO Agency can help you put together a more functional website and marketing strategy that will help you get more organic traffic and sales while potentially enhancing your brand. If this sounds like what your online business needs, you should take a look at Genius eCommerce®. They are a leading Shopify Development Company that focuses on SEO campaigns for eCommerce stores.

Your business needs the right kind of solution if you are to get more traffic to your products. You don’t want to try and handle your digital marketing or SEO on your own. Let a professional agency man the ship and guide you toward higher Google rankings.

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