3 Tips For Using Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom packaging is something that creates excitement as well as panic in the new businesses. The way you design your packaging acts as your brand asset. The process is not as simple as it sounds. Depending upon what you are selling and where you are selling, your packaging needs will differ. However, a custom printed packaging solution is ideal to be considered in every situation.

It helps you in establishing a unique brand identity and gain a competitive advantage over others. According to the opinion of experts, custom boxes are the most effective way to elevate your business and increase your brand value. But the question arises how to create a perfect design? The answer lies in custom packaging. In addition to creating a perfect box size, it is also essential to choose the color scheme, logo, graphics, fonts, and other branding elements carefully to create a good impact. Let us discuss few main tips for using custom packaging boxes more effectively.


Having a well-defined brand identity is critical for success. A business should have a set of branding elements that represents who you are as a company and what values you might deliver. Nailing down your branding details is the first step of creating an exceptional box design. Choose an easy-to-identify logo that can be printed across your entire product range.

Next, pick the color scheme and images that attract your target demographic. It should make clear what type of products/services you offer to the customers. For example, a custom mailer box design can never help you much if you do not have a cohesive branding that sticks to the customers’ minds. It is necessary to focus on the following few things to create your brand identity.


Before you move forward, it’s better to nail down what you aim to accomplish with your product packaging design. Whether you are a new brand or undergoing a refresh, it’s the most important step in the designing phase. Custom packaging is all about presenting your products, building a brand, and implementing a good market strategy. Moreover, analyze your packaging needs first. Think about what type of package will best suit your product. You will also have to study market trends and consumer preferences in this regard.

Custom Packaging


Your packaging is a perfect canvas to reflect your brand. It’s the reason that creating customized packaging boxes involve more design considerations than you may imagine. While you being consistent with various branding elements like color palette and typeface etc, you have to work a lot more to get creative. Design such a package that tells the customers about your branding values. Build up a story or create an illustration while being fit for the purpose. Such packaging creates a visual pitch to attract customers and foster brand recognition.


In the world of cheap custom boxes, it is not enough for packaging to be beautiful. In addition to it should be functional to use. For example, if your shipping box is designed well but does not protect the products during the transition, it will lead to customer dissatisfaction. Moreover, your company’s repute is also affected badly. You have several options to consider for enhancing the functionality of your custom boxes.

Use build-in inserts or specifies the dimensions to make your packaging solution more functional. A too large, too small, or an awkwardly shaped box can never accommodate your product well. Similarly, you may also create packaging that can be reused even after the product is consumed. Working on all these aspects can help you to create practical to use packaging.


The best way to ensure repeated sales is to make your customers’ shopping experience more memorable. If they enjoy the sensation of opening your custom printed packaging, there is a big chance that they will repeat the purchase with your company. When you are investing in your custom boxes, besides making them look pretty you should also be concerned about how the customers will interact with your packaging. Providing a memorable unboxing experience is all about how well your products are displayed internally. For this, you may work on several things.

Print custom graphics on the inside of the box use a logo a repetitive print, a greeting message, or even an illustration that makes a customer smile. Include exclusive touches like a branded tissue wrap or inserts to make customers interact and fell in love with your products.  Moreover, it is also recommended to place in some additional promotional material like a discounted voucher, a thank you note, business card, a sample of the new product, or a little gift to amaze the customers and keep them loyal towards your business. The custom packaging boxes designed in this way are perfect to bring a big boost to your business sale.