5 Important Things to Know About Getting Dental Fillings

As we age, our teeth can start to decay and break down. The enamel on the tooth is the hardest substance in your body, but when exposed to bacteria, acids, sugar, and food particles it will eventually wear down. When this happens you might need a filling. Fillings are made of resin-based composite that is then shaped to fit into the cavity left by decayed or broken teeth. 


There are several types of fillings that can be used depending on what kind of filling you need; these include amalgam (silver) fillings which are made from mercury mixed with other metals like tin, copper or zinc; composite resins which contain plastic-like materials such as polyvinyl.


One of the most common dental procedures is the one that involves the fillings of a dental cavity. The procedure is usually the first procedure recommended for dealing with dental cavities. Although it can be intimidating to undergo an appointment for a filling, it will ease anxiety by having helpful and complete information on the procedure prior to your visit.


An Overview Of Dental Fillings.

Dental fillings are an operation that is performed by a dentist to alleviate the consequences of tooth decay and to preserve the appearance, health, and function of teeth. Below are five essential facts to be aware of regarding dental fillings.


1. There Are Different Types Of Fillings.

There are many different dental fillings that are alike and it’s up to the patient and dentist to decide on the right type. Some of the most commonly used kinds of fillings include:


  • Amalgam
  • Composite
  • Metals
  • Ceramic
  • Gold


2. The Recovery Time Is Short.

A majority of patients are able to perform their normal activities within a few hours after the procedure and can eat within a short time. There is a chance that there will be some discomfort and sensitivity in an initial couple of days, the majority of patients recover completely within 48 hours of the procedure of filling their teeth.


3. The Importance Of Proper Aftercare of Dental Filling Treatment.

It is crucial to follow up since the likelihood of developing oral health concerns like an infection could be greater during the first few hours, if not for the first couple of days after the procedure. Additionally, good oral hygiene (e.g. use of regularly applied mouthwash) will help to lessen the pain and swelling on the area affected.


4. Dental Filling Treatment Is Usually A Painless Procedure.

The procedure itself is generally non-invasive and the dentist may prescribe pain-management medications if necessary. There is however the possibility of some discomfort in the region in which the cavity is. Following the procedure patients are likely to experience a numb sensation in the affected region however, the pain will be minor.


5. Dental Fillings Preserve Tooth Health.

Fillings for dental cavities are an essential procedure for a lot of dental patients suffering from tooth decay because the condition is bound to get worse if it is not treated. Fillings stop the progression in tooth decay and decrease the chance of developing an infection and eventually, they can permit patients to keep a tooth. A lot of people who delay fillings will require an extraction or a tooth replacement at some point.



By understanding what a dental filling treatment is and how it can help to preserve the health of your teeth, you’ll be in a better position to make an informed decision about whether or not this procedure is right for you. If you’re curious about when we recommend getting fillings, there are different types available depending on the problem with your tooth. For example, if decay has eaten away at the area where nerve endings reside in one particular spot, then silver amalgam may be appropriate because it’s typically used as a “bridge” until more permanent treatment can take place (such as by crown). However if healthy dentin remains below the surface but external enamel has been lost due to trauma or decay, then composite resin might be best.


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