Affordable Accommodation For Working Professionals In Singapore

Looking for something more exciting (and affordable) housing-wise than renting an apartment?

Well, human being is a social animal and we cannot live a reclusive life for a long time. From the ancient times, humans have lived and worked while being organized as a community or a family. With rapid industrialization, social interaction outside the family expanded to workplaces and pubs. In course of time, work environment and culture underwent gradual changes.

We have a more of sedentary lifestyle now. This has led professionals find ways to adapt to the present lifestyle including a healthy social life. As the life and work has changed dramatically, the mindset of sharing economy has picked up. Transport-sharing or pooling in cars have proven how traditional methods of commuting and working have changed for the better. In the current scenario, young people are moving towards achievement of a better work life balance by opting for co-living spaces.

Adaptability and Co-living

It is believed that sharing a home gives some independence to young people. One of the most innovative options for sharing home is co-living spaces. These spaces provide an atmosphere for sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences. The term ‘co-living’ is described as a less-expensive provision of accommodation that is comfortable, inclusive, adventurous, aesthetically designed and convenient. It has worked in many major cities of the world and is now picking up with the youngsters in Singapore.

Co-living spaces are gradually acquiring a formal structure in Singapore and are gradually becoming quite popular among students and millennials in the cities.  There are such residential buildings available at high rent in posh areas in the country, rooms for rent in Balestier provides well-equipped co-living accommodation for young adults. Balestier is one of the busy commercial and shopping areas in Singapore established in early 20th century.  For young professionals and students looking for a room for rent, Balestier offers co-living units at much reasonable rent.

Orchard road, or Orchard, is a renowned shopping area and center for restaurants, cafés and department stores in the country. Young people who would find jobs in this region would love to stay nearby without high rental changes for residential units. They can choose co-living accommodation with reasonable rooms for rent in Orchard

Let us find out what is the hype all about:

  • Connectivity to workplace

    With rapid urbanization the cities are expanding. New industrial areas are being constructed in the sub-urbs to make room for upcoming manufacturing industries. These workplaces are usually away from the thickly populated residential areas. In order to facilitate commuting, low-budget residences are needed near the workplace. Thus, the co-living spaces are becoming the choice of people for young working people. 

  • Cheaper accommodation

    While most of the millennials are moving into big cities it is not possible for them to get hold of the property ladder at the initial phase of their professional life. Co-living gives them an accommodation based on the concept of community living, where they may find like-minded people, and share the service costs.

  • Ease of working-

    For many young professionals, remote working has become a necessity in the present time. As a result, they look for such temporary residences which are suitable for continuing their jobs while away from their place of work. Co-living apartments are well-furnished with aesthetically-designed interiors, and provided with all basic amenities that will support your work without much hassles.  One can experience the comfort of office while working from home.

  • More facilities to share

    Co-living comes with more facilities in the shared home than hostels or paying guest accommodation. You have your private space along with the shared space (which might include a gym, park or a television room). There are common areas which the residents share. The atmosphere is livelier than the hostels. 

  • Good social life

    Having a friendly neighborhood does not let you feel boredom. You do not feel lonely even when you are away from your family or loved ones.  The residents in co-living apartments get many opportunities to socialize with their neighbors. Regular interactions with friendly people can make you feel better in spite of having a busy life. 

Indeed, co-living apartments are affordable for young professionals and students while providing a good environment for living. Co-living is sustainable in many big cities of Europe and the U.S.A. Co-living apartments allow young professionals to live in areas which are near the commercial centres, recreational areas and other conveniences, often at a much lower cost than the regular residential units in a conventional rental market.

Singapore is one of most stable and powerful economies of Asia. It is attracting many young professionals and students from different countries. As existing private properties are much expensive and do not allow much flexibility in time and convenience, co-living apartments are becoming an efficient way to reduce the expenses and make sustainability easier without bearing the exorbitant housing prices.