All About Acrylic Tubing

Acrylic tubes have been here for a very long time and are used for decorative purposes, furniture pieces, museum pieces, laboratory equipment, lighting purposes, surgical devices, product designing, house furnishing, architecture, arts, and much more. They are very versatile when it comes to their uses, as you can incorporate them in literally anything. You can fabricate them with anything, and they will make the entire thing more worth it. These are also used in industries like the marine industry, food industry, biomedical industry, and what not. As far as its application is concerned, it can be used for infinite applications; the possibilities are endless.

Types of Acrylic Tubes:

There are two main types of acrylic tubes; both are equally good and almost have the same qualities; the difference comes in their manufacturing processes.

  • Extruded Acrylic Tubes:

Extrusion acrylic tubes are made by pouring a raw material into the mold, but for the extrusion process, the hopper present just above the extrusion machine is filled with raw material that is acrylic resin; this raw material is poured into the machine by the gravity. The long screw in the machine then pushes the raw material into the mold; the friction of this long screw simultaneously heats the acrylic resin and converts it into molten liquid before pouring it into the mold. When this molten raw material is poured into the mold, it takes up the shape of the tube, which we know as the acrylic tube.

  • Cast Acrylic Tubes:

In this, the cast raw material that is acrylic resin is poured into the die, and it comes out a cast acrylic tube. However, the cast acrylic tubes are not that good with stress and impact as the extruded acrylic tubes. The tube that comes out of the die in this process is further processed and polished. However, it doesn’t have extrusion lines like extruded acrylic tubes, which is advantageous.

Forms of Acrylic Tubes:

  • A clear acrylic tube is just a plain clear tube that has no color and is basically transparent; it can be found in any size and length at any acrylic tubes manufacturer.
  • Color acrylic Tubes are translucent tubes available in almost every color, be it solid colors or see-through colors, in any size and length.
  • Pearl acrylic tubes are tubes that have a pearlescent waving effect on them; they can be found in a number of colors too, in any size and length.
  • Fluorescent acrylic tubes are glowing acrylic tubes in bright colors; they glow in any light, or no light whatsoever is the lighting, can be found in any size and shape.


All in all, acrylic tubes are multipurpose, they are not made to fit just one task, but they are fit for a variety of tasks. They are a great alternative to glass tubes as they don’t break as easily as glass tubes. Its qualities are even better than glass tubes; they have optical clarity, transparency, temperature resistance, impact resistance, lightweight, chemical resistance; this is why they are perfect to use for all fields, be it medical or food, science, or technology.