Are Popular Online Games Truly Worth Your Time

Online games have become food for millennials that they devour without exception and prejudice today. The internet has been flooded with popular online games in India but do you know they come with a whole plate of variety that tests different skills and techniques making you truly motivated beings over time?

Let’s explore the most popular genre of online games in India over time that have hit the parade and which one of them are truly worth your time in 2021.

Racing Games

Perhaps, one of the oldest genres that have indubitably rank among the most popular online games in India and the world. Even a non-racer must be aware of the Need for Speed franchise that launched itself as early as 1994 and hit town overnight. This franchise has come a long way with cutting edge graphics, action play, open world maps, hot pursuit and the best car controls.

The racing genre shall never get old among adrenaline seekers and car aficionados and with the entry of online gaming features, the excitement is bound to reach new heights and expected to stay put in the ranks of most popular online games in India.

Action Based Games

Action based games encompass a vast stretch of video games and inarguably have been the most popular online games in India and worldwide. They can be sub categorized into many types. There are First Person shooter (FPS) games such as Call of Duty and Halo. Then, there are online multiplayer battle royale games such as Fortnite and PUBG. There are other quite popular action online games such as the recently released Devil May Cry 3 that have been class apart in the genre.

Although, it you want to enjoy the epitome of brilliant storytelling, gorgeous set ups and extraordinary combat, God of War has pushed the action adventure genre to whole new frontiers.

Strategy Games

Strategy games are an interesting genre of popular online video games that have been popular for decades. The craze probably started with the Age of Empires back in the 90s that helped create this vision of playing grand historical missions of conquering empires with real time strategic thinking. Then soon followed few more amazing entries such as StarCraft and Company of Heroes 2.

Strategy based games has rank among the most popular online games in India across decades because they are amazing stress-busters and time killers. Come back home from a long day at work and play a RTS game for an hour and blow off some steam. However, RTS games can be time eaters so indulge in them only if you have sufficient spare time besides your daily chores.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are brain teasers that appeal to players of all ages and hence, they are an all-time favorite across generations. It keeps your neurons busy, so they prove to be a healthier option among most popular online games in India that folks play these days. Earlier, they used to be much simpler like the Tetris and Sudoku before but the 2000s have ushered in a whole new realm of games in this genre.

If we had to name a few popular puzzle games online of the 21st century that added new elements and flavours on the plate, do explore popular online games like GunPoint, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords and Portal.

Card Games

Card games are go to games for Indians literally any time of the day. The fun is endless and with smartphones taking them on, you can play them on the go. Card games like online rummy are calmatives in nature and have also been a great way of socializing. They are home to parties, get-togethers and festive occasions and since they wore the garb of online games, they are much easier to access and one doesn’t have to look for a fellow partner to enjoy a game of cards.

Tables are live 24*7 and players can pick games of their choice and stakes and even play them for real money. As we wrap up this piece today, we shall leave you with some card games of India’s most popular online games, rummy that you can play to win real money.

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The most popular online games in India has taken the gaming landscape by storm and as technology advances on an unprecedented rate, make the most of it by claiming your share of fun and entertainment starting today. Happy Gaming!