BEE star rating- Explanation of two levels

Nowadays, the most energy conscious among us don’t by any product unless it has more than 3 star rating. This rating for energy efficiency, also known as the BEE star rating, is the primary factor that makes us choose between the product we want to buy, and the product that can save us money. 

That being said, none of us stop to think about what goes inside. We don’t think about what kind of pain one has to go through to get the right star rating for their products. 

Well, none of it will be unknown anymore. Through our explanation of two levels of BEE star rating, you’ll know the process and the documents required for rating a product. 

Two Levels of BEE certification

Bureau of Energy Efficiency has made it so that every product that wants to get star rating, has to go through two different processed of star rating. 

  1. Brand Level certification: In brand level certification, the brand is certified. Think of Bajaj and Bajaj Fans. Bajaj is a brand, while Bajaj fans are products. So, before the actual product can go through rating, the brand has to be certified. 
  2. Model Level Certification: It’s when the model, the actual product goes through certification. The bureau of energy efficiency star label has to be conducted on each model of the product. 
Process of brand and model level BEE star rating

Just like any other procedure that’s conducted by the government, you can star rating for your product following the following steps:

  1. Submission of the required documents.
  2. Submission of application along with the application processing fee
  3. Following up with the department once your application is submitted, 
  4. And, getting the star rating or BEE registration once the above three above steps get approval from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. 

Even if the process is the same, it’s the documents that decide whether the process would be a success or not. 

Documents required for Brand level BEE registration

Following are the documents you need to attach to the initial BEE application to get star rating for your brand: 

  1. Certificate of trademark registration: It’s recommended that you only apply for BEE for those products for which you have registered trademark. 
  2. Details of the manufacturing facility: A complete detail of the manufacturing facility: complete with architecture and the materials involved. 
  3. BIS Certificate: If you’ve already acquired the BIS certificate for your product, present that to the Bureau. 
  4. SSI Certificate: Are you a small scale industry? If so, increase your chances to get a star rating at low price with SSI certificate. 
  5. Product Samples: The Bureau will test the products on their end. Thus, provide a product sample to the department. 
Documents required for Model Level BEE registration

Following are the documents you need to attach with the final BEE application to finally get the star rating for your brand:

  1. Cover Letter: In this letter, you need to explain why does your product deserves to be star rated. Furthermore, provide the description about the product, and it’s working. 
  2. Test Report: Once you get approval for the brand, get your product tested by an NABL accredited lab. Forward the test report to the Bureau. 
  3.  Declaration Letter: In this declaration letter, state that whatever steps you’ve taken and documents you’ve provided till this level of BEE certification are true. 
  4. Specimen of the model: Provide a sample of the product. 
  5. Agreement: Sign an agreement with your representative to delegate to them the right to file the application on your behalf. 

The two levels of star rating via the Bureau of Energy Efficiency have made the matters a lot more complicated. However, if you’re looking to make them less so, our Star Rating consultants are here on standby. They’ll file your application and assist you thoroughly in this matter.