Benefits of Outsourcing EB5 Business Plan

The EB-5 visa is also known as the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program. It is a visa program that allows foreign investors to become permanent, lawful residents of the US. Once foreign investors are granted the EB-5 visa, they will become green card holders.

One way to apply for the EB-5 visa is to prepare an effective business plan that outlines the nature of investment you want to make in the country. Today, there are a number of experts that have enough experience to create an EB-5 business plan. They have professional writers who can draft the most compelling as well as an effective business plan for you. You can get in touch with them to avail an effective EB-5 business plan that can help you get the desired outcome.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing EB-5 Business Plan

The business plan you submit to the USCIS shows whether you get the visa or not. A professional business plan will make sure that you are awarded your EB-5 visa. This is where professional writers will assist you. The reality is that many applicants do not know what items should be included in the business plan. For instance, did you know that to qualify for the business plan, you need to invest the amount of $1,000,000 in business in the United States? Did you know that you have to hire at least 10 American citizens in your company? Did you know you have to meet the Matter of HO legal compliance requirements and submit an approved I-526 form?

You should know all these facts and show the officials that you have met these requirements. Here, a professional business plan will help you. The business plan creation company has years of experience with several clients, helping them draft high-quality business plans. They know how to create an amazing business plan that can impress US visas officials.

Key Elements of EB-5 Business Plan

EB 5 business plan must include a formal declaration about business investment. When writing a business plan, a professional consultant will sit with you to understand the features of your proposed investment. They can conduct in-depth research about your business sector, your competition, and your profitability. Then, they will start a business plan creation service.

The proposed business

The proposed business project must either be an existing business or a new start-up. You can either invest in US Company or you can start your own business in the US. While submitting the EB 5 business plan, you must have purchased or set-up the company. Information like the location of the company, geographical scope, product or service specialization, and customer should be provided in the plan. You should also provide details about the investment you are planning to make. You should also include a list of financiers as well as your investment schedule.

Business projections and Strategies

You need to provide information about how your proposed business will work on the ground. In general, the EB 5 business plan acts as a sale pitch you make to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Now, you have to show the US Government how you intend to add value to the country. You will get an EB 5 visa based on how effective the pitch is.

Evidence of Matter of HO fulfilment

The matter of Ho compliance is an important step in the business plan. The foreign investor should show how they are committed to adding value to the economy of the United States. Now, you have to show proof of intention to invest legal funds, generate jobs, and follow the rules as well as regulations designed by the United States Government.