Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2022

Black hat is defined as “a harmful or criminal action”. Let our SEO Services firm not exaggerate. Black Hat SEO is simply anything that goes outside the Google Guidelines.

Because Google is not the government, it cannot tell you what you can and cannot do on your website.

Then Google may remove your website from their search results. Our SEO Services experts’ advice is to never utilize SEO black hat practices. But, as another legendary black hat observed, “to comprehend the big enigma, one must study all facets”.

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Our SEO Services firm was utilizing black hat approaches on several test sites for a while. None of these sites were important, and none belonged to clients.

All the aforementioned black hat SEO strategies still work. Still, if you’re considering employing these tactics, do it on a non-commercial site. It’s like gambling – you may lose everything, and Google might discover out and blacklist you from their search results.

Percentage of Google Busts

Because this is a rare strategy, Google is unlikely to discover it soon. It is advised to track how many individuals employ this strategy in the future. I’ve seen it on numerous Asian websites, including Russia and Ukraine. This is evident when we use the Chrome browser’s “Search Google for image” option.

Google may integrate this in future updates if it becomes a prevalent black hat SEO practice. we don’t anticipate this happening in the next 4-5 years, but if it does, your mirrored image pages may lose their ranks.

Place Matters

If you have a marketing firm in Delhi and another in Mumbai, we believe Google will favor the latter.

No proof, no confirmation from Google, just an informed guess based on my observations. Because of their location, we witnessed amazing SEO Services websites score poorly.

How to Use Black Hat SEO?

Why not use all the geographical keywords on my website to make it appear we are someplace else? Keep in mind that Google knows where your website is based on its IP. My solution: establish a US firm and utilize a US host.

Also, live here and enjoy life. The visa issue for non-locals, we can’t assist you since you’re a black hat SEO! You’ll find a way.

Index Render

It occurred to me when researching search engine data structures and algorithmic patterns at the Technical University of Cologne in Germany that this may be the ultimate black hat SEO strategy for influencing the search engine algorithm!

Also tested on real search engines and it still works.

How it works: You browse for rivals who rank higher than you for particular keywords (Search Engine Result Pages). Then you reverse index the full page’s text. That is, you line to break the text and extract all the words.

Content Writer

In our view, Google is unlikely to ever discover this specialized and unusual black hat SEO strategy that targets Google’s fundamental algorithms. And even if it does, we doubt it will be able to tell whether you’ve used this strategy.

The text you write will be quite different from the one you “reverse inverted” or “hacked”, making it difficult to reconstruct what happened.