Blue World City Islamabad Project Details

Blue World City is Islamabad  most prestigious housing authority With the assistance of Shan Jian Metropolitan Engineering Company, it is being built behind Chakri Interchange (BGC) provided the financing. This is a popular area housing assignment and is highly regarded by investors  This is an excellent opportunity for investors looking to invest in high-investment homes.

Blue Group of Companies

According to the BGC, aggregates are crucial for Pakistan’s economic growth. He has solved the nation’s water and nutrition problems for 17 years. It also helps resolve the nation’s obligations, authority, and education problems Saad Nazir, the owner of the UAN group, has provided documentation that shows the modern structure of the organization is used for budget management and expansion in the most promising sectors in Pakistan.

Great Place to Live

It’s a great place to live for anyone who desires it. Blue World City Islamabad offers a great option because of its proximity to the Rawalpindi Ring Road and easy access to Islamabad’s real estate market. Blue World City Floating Garden is one of Islamabad’s best real estate options. This site boasts many top-notch features that are sure to attract visitors. This property is also well-connected to Islamabad. It is an excellent investment opportunity for apartments and homes.

Why you should invest in BWC

Blue World City is Pakistan’s best housing complex. It is located near Chakri Junction, on the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. It boasts many great features. Blue World City’s Block 1 is an affordable housing development in Islamabad for middle-class families. Under the Real Estate Investment Trust Rules of 2016, all Blue World City Blocks are considered affordable housing developments.

Blue World City Islamabad’s homes are made to meet the requirements and preferences of those looking for the ideal house. Investors can also benefit from these home projects. Suppose you are interested in becoming a member of one of Islamabad’s most prestigious housing companies. In that case, you can view their online listings and contact them to learn more about their fantastic housing programs.

BWC Location

Blue World City is located near the intersection of Chakri (Islamabad’s main boulevard). There are many exciting spots around the development, including the Kashmir Expressway, the blue zone, the disability sector, and the diplomatic district. This is the best investment option in Rawalpindi. A metro area is built on 145 canals, close to the Chakri link, a century-old international connection. It is a significant investment to invest in Pakistani real estate. This mansion allows Pakistani citizens to enjoy the most acceptable levels of luxury and leisure. The job pays less than 10,000 per month, which is true. This business could offer a higher rate of return.

BWC payment plan

The owner wants tenants to have convenience at reasonable prices. Blue World City is still in development, so payment terms are flexible. Due to the exceptional size and location of the project, lots are selling quickly. Experts predict an increase in real estate prices shortly due to recent events. This is an excellent time to buy this incredible parcel of land. To make it easier for investors, the group suggested that orders be placed from a maximum of ten places. They would require installments of three to four years, five years, and five years. Blue World City Payment Plan’s owner also provided the following breakdown of the basic installment plan:

  • Block Old Payment Plans for Overseas
  • Block Updated Payment Plan for Overseas
  • General Block Old Booking Payment Plans
  • General Block New Payment Plan
  • Awami Residential Complex Payment Plans
  • Block 5 Marla Awami
  • Block 5 Marla Awami
  • Waterfront Block Payment Plan

BWC General Block

The Blue World City General Block could be a good option if you want a place to live and invest in Islamabad. General Block is the most peaceful and affordable area in Islamabad.

BWC Overseas Block

The housing cooperative has 1,130 units in total; each unit is priced differently. BWC is the best option for Pakistani expatriates looking to invest in property. These housing facilities will continue to be in demand as more Chinese choose Pakistan as their second country.

Waterfront District

Blue World City is a leading Rawalpindi investment company. The Rawalpindi Development Authority gave the project its No Objection Certificate. This outstanding property has just received the latest addition of a seaside block.

The large Blue World City Waterfront Block offers stunning ocean views and is located in the lively Blue World neighborhood. Waterfront Block is the ideal place if you are looking for spectacular river and lake views.

Master Plan

The Blue World City Masterplan is an unmatched revolutionary masterplan in the Middle East. This master plan has unique features not available elsewhere in the MENA region. It also includes designs and implementations that can only find in this design. Any initiative’s founder must be successful. Our staff has many years of experience in various projects and can see the many challenges when trying to build infrastructure. What compiled this comprehensive plan from our combined extensive experience. Programming is an essential part of master planning. We can understand the concepts required to create masterpieces by working closely with investors, clients, architects, engineers, and other professionals.


The construction of Blue World City Islamabad has been allowed. All housing societies are granted NOCs by the Rawalpindi District Council, subject to approval for the 2021 Local Agency Regulations.

The one I have already mentioned is one of the first projects to be awarded a Blue World City NOC by the Rawalpindi District Council. This will create many jobs and increase business opportunities


It is located right next to Chakri Crossing. The complex also boasts several recreational facilities and a fully-stocked gym. Blue World City Islamabad has an excellent infrastructure, a prime location, and high market value. It is also a highly sought-after residential property. The demand for homes in Islamabad, which cost more than Rs. 5 billion, is increasing daily because of Blue World City. Five billion will become shorter.