Gojek Clone App is destiny’s child. The whole tech universe had conspired to make this figment of imagination into a reality. This app offers 70 plus on-demand services online through one single platform. It is as rare as hen’s teeth to find mankind to be bestow upon with such a phenomenal invention that rakes in money for the App Owner even when one is away paragliding in Hawaiian hot and humid weather during the summer break.

gojek clone app

Mason Wright is getting married to Amina binti Said at their ancestral home in Missouri

  • Mason books separate cabs for Pastor Franklin Stanley and Imam Hizbur Rahman Abu Talib using his iWatch

 It was Amina’s wish to have a small yet simple wedding ceremony at home with close relatives and family friends. They’ll get married in each of their own’ traditional marriage ceremonies. This is why Mason used this All-in-One-Services App and book cabs for these two religious figures one after the other using Taxi Booking via smartwatch feature. All that he had to do was to connect his iPhone 11Pro with this Apple Watch and ensure a steady Wi-Fi connection. He had to then download Taxi Booking iWatch App in his iPhone and simultaneously an app had gotten automatically download in the smart watch.


Book Taxis on someone else’ behalf

Mason had booked a Land Rover Discovery Sport using the Gojek Clone App not for himself but for Pastor Franklin Stanley. This could be made possible only because of the existing feature that allows Rider to book Taxis for someone else that they can choose from their contact list. The Taxi Driver picks up the Pastor from Breckenridge Hills. And after giving a warm welcome to the Pastor.  Mason then immediately books a Ford Explorer for Imam Hizbur Rahman Abu Talib from Beverly Hills. This app allows one ride request at a time.

Both the Pastor and the Imam had to wear mask at all times throughout the ride


Mason had individually called the Pastor and then the Imam to inform them about the Corona-Safety Checklist of the Taxi Drivers. He informed them that they have to wear Face Masks compulsorily and sanitise their hands regularly. And they don’t have to worry about paying in cash because Mason has already paid the Taxi Drivers through in-app wallet.

Mason warned them to cancel rides if the Taxi Driver is found not wearing a mask.


No penalty charges will be levied on either of the Rider or the Taxi Driver for cancelling the ride if the other person is found violating the norms of the Safety Checklist. To ensure that at least Taxi Drivers are mandatorily wearing masks at all times.  There is an in-built feature that asks these Drivers to upload selfies with the face mask on before starting the ride.

Amina wants the whole house to be decorated with Cherry Blossom and Dahlia flowers.


Amina places an online order with Walter Knoll Florist of Saint Louis, Missouri and asks them to deliver the flowers in time. But unfortunately their Chief Florist has called in sick. Amina decides to decorate her Aisle with her sisters and appoints a Delivery Runner using this On-Demand Multi Services App to go pick up the flowers with care. Delivery Runner Noah Smith accepts the delivery request and is on-route to the Florist but finds himself stuck for hours together in a traffic jam! What to do now?


Delivery Runner Noah rejects the request and the Admin re-assigns the order to Delivery Runner Joshua


Under unforeseeable circumstances when the Delivery Runner is stuck in traffic and is unable to make delivery in time, this feature allows the Runner to cancel the request. This in turn enables the Admin to re-assign the task to a different Delivery Runner.

But before the flowers arrive, the whole house needs to be cleaned!

Amina, don’t panic! Just use the All in One Services app to avail House-cleaning services and get it deep-clean inside out!

I cry at weddings! Sob…

Beautiful bride adorned with handpicked roses in Baju Kurung with Mason tucked in Dolce & Gabbana Tux got married in the family’s presence and both felt the need to share the wedding cake with the Gojek Clone App. This app helped them in every possible way to make this wedding happen!


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