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10 Pure skin indie vibe in brown

This soft smooth skin texture dildo in brown colour is sure to hit your spot. Its tapered outline with veined texture gives that human feel to enhance the experience of your penetration. A flexible spine at the centre allows the shaft to twist and fold. Flexibility helps you to put it in an angle that hits your spot at best. It has a handle for your perfect grip and houses buttons to control functions that are soft to touch. Handles along with the buttons are adjusted in such a way that does not interfere with your experience and makes your control over the device more convenient. At the centre, there is a powerful vibrator that sends orgasmic waves to your pleasure that can be controlled manually. As the name suggests, it has 10 patterns of waves including pulsation, vibration, escalation to go for. One more interesting feature that works in your absolute pleasure is the presence of a memory chip engraved into the motor that keeps your last pattern of waves as a record automatically so that you don’t have to select and decide again and roll on next time without any mental exercise because we wish you orgasms at your best. Pure skin as mentioned in the name is the best possible feeling in brown skin created for you to have the sense of an erect penis for your perfect stimulation even when you are flexing it to suit your position. It is warm in touch and comes to human temperature upon touch which gives a feel of the human penis. It is designed with a material that is of minimal maintenance that makes this whole device of low maintenance itself. You can just wash it, dry it completely and keep it. Since the skin of this dildo is porous, the use of a condom over the top is recommended if sharing with anyone. 3AAA batteries are required to run this device which are to be sold separately.

 10 functional clitoral hummer- pink

Get your erotic stimulation with clitorial hummer. This vibrator has everything that you need to reach your climax for ultimate satisfaction. Just added 10 functions of gyrating action with vibration, pulsations, and escalations give you that intimate arousal that you wish for.

It has the unique world-famous contoured scoop for clitoral stimulation for you to have the best taste of arousal. As clitoris is a hot spot of female genitalia for arousal. Clitoris has the highest number of nerve endings that are best for orgasm and our vibrating hummer stimulates those nerve endings and makes the best of it. It provides you with just the right amount of stimulation at the right place for your erotic sensations. It perfectly tantalizes your pleasure spots with the humming, pulsations it does. Arouse your clitoris and please with the best sensations. It is made up of soft material to give you that satiny touch. You would have control over your vibrations as it is provided with buttons at the base for automated functions like controlling the intensity of vibrations from mild to intense for your arousal. It is easy to clean and store, and has low maintenance. Use antibacterial soap and water to wash it. After washing, dry it, store it. Have the best orgasms ever.

Adam and Eve Bangin Betty stroker kit

A realistic 3D textured model of the vagina and anus of real- women for perfect stimulation of your dick with each stroke. It has both vaginal and anal openings to have you at the split of choosing from. It provides you with realistic feels with a soft and firm butt. Grab it, spank it, penetrate with a stroke and bang it. With this dual pleasure, bring all your fantasies to life and ride on this human experience that will make you think why didn’t you ever have this before. The anal opening gives you a tight fit with a vaginal opening offering you genuine erotic feels. Each thrust brings you this marvellous experience. It is made up of soft and high-quality body-safe TPE material that is completely safe on your skin. Real feel material helps you all men to fulfil your fantasies of penetration with a real woman. It is flexible to accommodate your penis in a comfortable position with no demand and complaints from the female side though you can have all your demands fulfilled. This model has been copied from a real woman’s vagina to enhance your experience and give you the feeling of a real girl. All details of the real vagina from inside have been maintained in the model itself. An intense inner texture just like a real vagina to bring life and more intimacy to your experience. You can directly flush the openings under running water or wash with antibacterial mild soap. It is low in maintenance and easy to clean and store. So get your hands on your model and experience the best orgasms like never before.

3-inch extender sleeve – flesh

These are solid extra three inches of pleasure for your partner. Get your hands on this solid extra 3-inch penis enhancing sleeve to try out while intercourse with your partner. Not just the length but the girth to give a whole new experience of penetration this time. You need to wrap it around the scrotum for support and security. It is available in real skin colour and flesh to give you the real feel. It is as flexible as required to make sure you are at your convenience and comfort. Perfectly practical and genuine firmness to match your real penis and does not interfere with your act. It has a head with realistically textured veins all down the body. You have to just shove your dick inside the shallow interior that securely fits your penis and gives extra sensations to your partner. It is made up of phthalate-free material that is completely safe on your body. This material is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants. Remember to wash it after every use to maintain hygiene. You can either wash it under running water or use antibacterial soap and water. Don’t forget to dry after washing before storing it Wash, dry, and store. Enhance your and your partner’s experience with these extra inches of pleasure.