Can i Perform Umrah on a Business Visa?

Visa is a legal permit to enter the territory of a particular state or a country. Countries offer many kinds of visas that restrict them from making movements and actions beyond the prescription. In a like manner, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers six types of Visas. Hajj visa, Umrah visa, business visa, contracted work visa, independent visa, and tourist visa.

Is it Possible to Perform Umrah on a Business Visa:

Since many Muslims visit Saudi Arabia for business purposes, they usually ask if they can perform Umrah with their Business visa. To cut the story short, ethically and legally, you simply cannot. With a business visa, you are only permitted to move to the cities where you have your business deals. If you are caught performing Umrah on a business visa, you may have to face penalties. You must know about the strict rules and the implementation of law and order. You may have to bite the bullets if you do not follow the rules. I would rather say that it is a better option to get an Umrah visa. You can avail of an Umrah package Birmingham and head towards the holiest city. You can, by some means, get the opportunity to perform Umrah. But never think about it during Hajj; it is the time when you are not even permitted to enter Makkah, let alone performing Umrah. During the Hajj period, it is strictly restricted. If you are in Saudi Arabia on a business visa and want to perform Umrah, you must consult a legal travel advisor and agency to help you find your way. But it is recommended that you opt for obtaining a legal Umrah visa. Why choose illegal and unethical means when you have ethical and legal options available.

What are Other Options than an Umrah Visa to Perform Umrah?

Umrah On Business Visa

In 2019, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced a ground-breaking decision to permit its tourists to perform Umrah. The visitors to Saudi Arabia holding a Tourist visa can perform Umrah without any restrictions and limitations. The tourist visa allows a visitor to stay in Saudi Arabia for three months, and its validity is for one year. The only limitation for obtaining a tourist visa is that a visitor must not be below 18 years. Also, they must hold a valid passport of six months before applying for the visa.

You can apply for an E-visa through an online application. When you apply for it, it will take a maximum of five days to review your application and approve it for the visa. The application process is simple, as you need to have few documents in hand. You will need a departure ticket, proof of lodging, bank statement, travel authorization, passport details, a National identity card, and your photo.

Performing Umrah on an Umrah Visa:

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You must prefer to performing Umrah on an Umrah or travel Visa, which is legally permitted. Although you can apply for an extension, an Umrah visa offers a stay of a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four weeks in Saudi Arabia. Formerly, Umrah visa holders were limited to visit Makkah, Medina, and Jeddah only. But now they can travel all over Saudi Arabia so that you can visit other holy places. You can easily obtain an Umrah visa. It is better that you consult a reputed travel agency which offers Umrah services. They will make all the arrangements and offer you the visa.

Bottom Line:

If you think you can perform Umrah on a Business visa, you are mistaken. It is because the guidelines of a business visa restrict you from doing it. If you resist performing it through other means, you will have to face repercussions. But you can perform on an Umrah visa and Travel visa. So, it is better to avail of the legal choices.