Can Students Travel to Australia Now?

Australia has had travel restrictions because of Covid-19 for the past 2 years. This restriction was started in early February 2020 and because of this many international students suffered a lot. But the good thing is that Australia has started international students to enter the country from the end of 2021. So, international students can now travel to Australia after the completion of their courses.

Most students want to know- can international students travel to Australia now? Yes, the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government has issued an advisory that students can issue visas. This means that students can now travel to Australia as they’ve lifted its ban on border closure.

However, Australia has made some temporary changes in its student visa regulations keeping Covid-19 disruptions in mind.

Things to know while entering Australia as an international student:

Here are a few points that you must know before entering Australia as an International student-

  • However, from December 2021, Australia permitted international students to enter the country with some changed student visa regulations.
  • To be eligible for making an entry in Australia, students need to have a tested negative report for Covid-19 in the three days prior to travel.
  • Also, there’s no quarantine rule as of now for the international students
  • The students need to have an eligible student visa to enter through an International Student Arrival Plan.
  • In case of any confusion then students can directly contact the Australian institution in which they are enrolled. They can guide you about the travel exemptions and other changed visa-related regulations.

Along with reopening the Australian border for students, the Australian Government has temporarily introduced some changes in the student visa regulations. There are relaxations for the International students that have been introduced temporarily. Are you confused about the latest student visa for Australia? If yes then here are some pointers that you need to follow-

Waiving of Tuition fee

One of the important relaxations that Australia has included in its new student visa changes is fee waiving. If the students

  • held a student visa on or after February 1, 2020, and were already in Australia at that time
  • Could not complete their course because of COVID-19.

Then, the international students will be eligible to have the visa application fee (VAC) waived.

Extended deadline for health checks and English tests

English proficiency tests and health checks are important for international students to get an Australian student visa approval. The Australian government has announced to provide relaxation to the students.

Visa application fee refund in Australia

There will be a visa application fee refund for those who arrived in Australia between the pandemic duration which is January 19, 2020, and March 19, 2022.

Extended working time after the study

In Australia, international students had some restrictions on their working hours after their studies. Currently, there’s no restriction on the number of hours for working for international student visa holders

Why Students Go For Studies in Australia

Why study in Australia? The Australian lifestyle is well known for its laid-back attitude. Though students work hard and take school very seriously, they also maintain a perfect balance between leisure and study. Depending on where you choose to study, you can enjoy a diverse range of experiences from beaches and parks to quirky shopping boutiques. You can also learn about Australia’s diverse wildlife, thanks to the country’s many wildlife parks.

After completing their education, many international students find it difficult to get their dream jobs. Getting these coveted jobs, however, takes time. It takes enough experience to impress employers with your skill-sets, as well as settle visa issues. However, if you meet all the requirements, you’ll be well on your way to a job.

Australia is a multi-cultural island, with one in four people being born overseas. Over 20 percent of Australians speak a language other than English at home. For international students, this is a great benefit. They can learn the language and culture of their new home while interacting with international students from different countries. Whether you want to study in a traditional university, attend an online school, or get a degree in a specific field, studying in Australia is a rewarding experience.

International students appreciate the fact that Australia is a multicultural and diverse society. Studying in Australia opens up your horizons and helps you expand your mind. The Australian lifestyle is filled with outdoor activities and creative pursuits, as well as great public infrastructure and a sophisticated transportation network. Moreover, if you love the nightlife, Australia offers you a unique experience. These factors have made it one of the top study abroad destinations.