Choose Health And Safety. Choose Disposable Blood Collection Tube!

Education and information have revolutionized the health sector and created awareness among the people; hygiene is not just limited to washing hands and brushing teeth anymore. Where the world is busy finding the cure to emerging infectious diseases, on the other hand, people are learning about adopting a healthier and better lifestyle. People are now willing to take precautionary measures that are essential for a healthier lifestyle. For this purpose, the use of technology is also at its peak, and innovations are being made since health care is an industry that needs innovation. Although health culture can be identified as one based on experiences, expressions, symbols, materials, customs, behaviors, morals, and values, old and traditional methods need revision with the innovation in the world of technology.

Know Your Safety:

When everything is being so much taken care of, why not pay a little attention to the most important source of disease transmission and replace the blood specimen collection tubes with something that could be less harmful and more convenient? As blood is a medium that can contain pathogens of various types, among which are microorganisms, like bacteria and parasites, and non-living infectious agents such as viruses and blood-borne diseases can spread through contamination by blood, and some blood-borne diseases are lethal. The Healthcare industry introduces us to a better and safer method of blood sample collection using disposable blood collection tubes. These disposable blood Collection Tubes are used to transport. Process blood for testing serum, plasma, or whole blood in the clinical laboratory, as many health sectors have already eliminated the use of glass tubes which are an expensive and a less reliable option since they are easily breakable and require proper sterilization; otherwise, these tubes could be a medium of disease transfer.


The disposable tubes are designed for blood collection and contain an additive that either accelerates the clotting of the blood or prevents the blood from clotting. These disposable tubes are used for various laboratory tests consisting of tubes of various sizes, with color-coded tops indicating tube contents and purpose.

What’s The Difference?

Disposable blood collection tubes are relatively lighter than glass, unbreakable, and provide easy disposal, preventing various diseases. Disposable Blood Collection Tube Suppliers are very easy to access and can provide a variety of types of disposable blood collection tubes according to the need and requirement.


These tubes are of different types, and each is represented by the colors; some common types are as follows:

  1. Red

The red bottle is a less common one as it is used for biochemistry tests requiring serum which can be negatively affected by the separator gel used in the yellow bottle.

  1. Yellow

These are designed for blood and bodily fluid cultures and cellular studies.

  1. Light Blue

Bluebottle is used for hematology tests that involve the clotting system, requiring inactivated whole blood for analysis.

  1. Green

These are less commonly used bottles designed for biochemistry tests that require heparinized plasma or whole blood for analysis.

  1. Lavender

They are generally used for hematology tests in which whole blood is required for analysis.