Common Reasons for Mot Failures to Understand

A vehicle can easily become one of our most valuable assets. It is a common fact that vehicles cost a lot.

Additionally, if vehicles are treated right and maintained on time, their value remains ever so high. the benefit of faster mobility as provided by vehicles should never be left unappreciated.

One may easily walk from point a to point b but the whole process changes a lot when a vehicle is involved. There are several reasons why a vehicle remains on top of our list rather than simply using public transport.

In times of emergency and fun, a personal vehicle seems the best option. Therefore, one must ensure that it is maintained the right way.

Maintenance of Vehicle

After the purchase of a vehicle, one may begin to avoid the signs of maintenance and repairs. In order to ensure that your vehicle does not falter after a few hiccups, maintenance is necessary. Most often this comes in the model of car service.

However, some people end up confusing a car service Redditch with an MOT. An MOT and a car service are entirely different.

in order to be deemed fit for driving all cars must pass the mandatory test. If a car does not pass the MOT test, it will not have clearance for driving. This is why people choose to get a Car Service just before their MOT.

Getting a car service and an MOT side by side is extremely beneficial for the driver and the owner of the vehicle. This saves the driver a lot of extra time and they do not have to visit the garage more than once for the process. Owing to all these reasons, people choose a car service before getting an MOT.

This is because there are multiple reasons for an MOT fail. Understanding these reasons and causes for failure will help them avoid the same:

Lights and Signals:

One of the most important components of the car is the lights. Given that lights are extremely important for signalling and letting others know the status of their car, they become extremely important. Blown bulbs are the biggest cause for the failure of MOT. they are also the easiest and simplest component to fix and repair. Simply ensuring that the lights of your vehicle are not broken and does not have other colours than their predominant ones will ensure MOT success.

1. Tyres:

Car tyres are an important component of the vehicle. Tyres determine how well your vehicle can perform in different road conditions. As such it is mandatory for them to function well without any issues. The tread and sidewall of the tyre are given a thorough inspection. This inspection allows the tester to determine any underlying faults with your tyres. Furthermore, the tyres should not have uneven tyre tread wear as it reflects poorly on tyre maintenance.

2. Brakes:

the brakes are the most important component of the vehicle. If the brakes of the vehicle are not functioning well, it can end up endangering your life. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your brake maintenance is up to date.

Within the ambit of the MOT test, the brakes, brake pad and rotor are given a good inspection.

3. Windscreen:

the windscreen is the driver’s view into the world. Naturally, it must function well for the driver to see properly. However, the windscreen can easily get afflicted by damage. Therefore, one must ensure that by the time their MOT is conducted, this does not persist. On the driver’s side of the windscreen, there should not be any damage that covers more than ten per cent of the screen. On the passenger’s side of the windscreen, the damage should not be more than seventy per cent. Only if this is ensured, would the vehicle clear its MOT.

4. Seatbelts:

since the advent of seatbelts, so many lives have been saved. The number one rule of driving is to always wear your seatbelt. Naturally, it is one of the most important checks in the MOT Test. If your vehicle’s seatbelts are not pulling down correctly, your vehicle would fail the MOT at once. If there are visible damages that could end up putting an impediment to your safety, the vehicle would fail the MOT test.

Consequently, it is important to ensure that all these damages are well taken care of before heading for your MOT test.

5. Exhaust:

lastly, the exhaust of the vehicle is an important step in the MOT Redditch Test. Every day our vehicles release tonnes of exhaust into the atmosphere. This exhaust is rich in greenhouse gases and can end up trapping the heat of the earth into the atmosphere. Naturally, it is important to have the same checked and regulated with time.