6 Creative Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

There is no doubt that the labor market is tight these days. This means that it is more difficult than ever to attract and retain quality employees. You can help to mitigate this difficulty if you take the time to install some solid employee appreciation programs within your organization. Here are six creative ways that you can show your employees just how much you appreciate them.

Feed Them

The way to the hearts of your employees may be through their stomachs. One of the easiest and most effective ways to show your gratitude to your staff is to feed them regularly. You do not have to put out an elaborate spread to make an impact. 

Bringing in donuts and coffee on Fridays or an ice cream treat on a hot afternoon can go a long way in boosting morale within the company. Other good ideas include a smoothie bar, a happy hour, or a catered lunch for special occasions.

Give Small Gifts

Sometimes it may be the littlest gift that goes a long way in showing your employees that you value their hard work. There are endless options when it comes to gifts that you can present to your dedicated workers. 

For example, a set of personalized stationery from Stationery Xpress is a gift that is both practical and meaningful. Your employees can use this stationery in a work capacity or for personal purposes, making it versatile and functional for their needs. You can also choose to include the company logo or their name on the set.

Offer Extra Time Off

For many employees, it is the gift of time that resonates the most. Giving employees extra time off above and beyond the normal paid vacation and holidays can really make an impact on morale. You can use the strategy of extra time off as a reward for reaching a goal or simply to show appreciation not tied to any objective. 

Regardless of how you use it, a day off is a gift that any employee will embrace. Managers may also choose to use this strategy to honor birthdays or anniversaries rather than giving traditional gifts.

Plan Special Employee Appreciation Events

Special employee appreciation events are undoubtedly some of the most fun ways to express your thanks. All employees desire to feel as if they are a valued part of the team. Organizing social and team-building events on company time offers a break from the mundane and gives your workers the space to grow. 

You will create a more positive workplace if you are purposeful about planning regular events that cultivate healthy working relationships. Be sure to plan fun outings that people truly want to participate in together rather than just going through the motions.

Celebrate Birthdays

It does not get any easier than celebrating birthdays as a way to show your gratitude. Depending on the size of your organization, you can go all out with treats for the whole group or simply present the individual with a gift specific to them. As an alternative, you can give the honoree the day off. 

These are all easy ideas that do not require a significant cash expenditure. However, the gesture can mean a lot to company morale. The bottom line is that you do not want those birthdays to slip by unnoticed if showing appreciation is your goal.

Commemorate Milestone Anniversaries

In today’s corporate world, loyalty to one specific company can be scarce. This makes it even more important that you take the time and effort to commemorate when any of your employees reach a milestone anniversary. 

Most organizations will offer some sort of perk or acknowledgment in five-year increments. A cash bonus to show your appreciation will never be turned down. Another good way to commemorate milestone anniversaries is through the use of special plaques, gift cards, or other presents that your staff may find useful. The goal is to acknowledge the dedication and time of the employee.

Final Thought

You will be more likely to hang on to the best workers if you employ multiple techniques to make them feel valued and appreciated. These six ideas are all a great start if you want to keep your best employees happy.