Here are the 15 Best Bulk SMS Providers in India

SMS is the best and inexpensive way to reach valuable prospects and customers. Seeing this as a good opportunity, a number of companies offer Bulk SMS Services along with various impressive features.

Since talking about each service provider isn’t possible, we have compiled a list of 15 companies you can trust and hope exceptional results from.

  1. Text Local

Text Local supports large and small scale businesses alike. The UK-based company bridges the gap between the businesses and their customers. It also supports them with services like two-way interactions, SMS campaigns, fast notifications, instant OTPs and other bulk SMS services.

  1. Fast2SMS

Started in 2011, Fast2SMS has developers, individuals, education sector and startups as its clients. Apart from offering advertising, API messages and OTP, the company provides services like scheduling the messages to be delivered at a fixed time and delivering them at given intervals. New users can test their services absolutely free.

  1. 2Factor

Reputed for cloud mobile computing via REST API, 2Factor has an average delivery time of 2-6 second for OTP. Moreover, the company offers pay-per-delivery feature. Offering HTTP APIs, the SMS gateway allows sending bulk SMS online, transactional SMS, OTP verifications, phone verification and two-way SMS genres.

  1. Exotel

Launched in 2011, Exotel powers communication for startups, small & large scale businesses and enterprises. Delivering SMSs to about 190 countries is easy with Exotel. Businesses can send bulk SMS campaigns, status updates, appointment reminders and survey forms. The company has expertise in providing SMS products through REST APIs.

  1. InfoBip

Having 650 worldwide telecom partners, InfoBip connects to 65% of world’s mobile devices. The company allows a varied set of messaging platforms, solutions and tools for customer interaction, security and authentication. It also offers communication services on channels like Viber, WhatsApp Business, LINE and FB Messenger.


  1. Gupshup

Gupshup provides SMS, USSD, IP messaging, Voice, chatbot services and email to retail, e-commerce companies and BFSI. The company handles about 4.5 billion messages a month. Businesses can send messages to users across platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, WeChat, Mobile App, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Slack and more.

  1. SMS Horizon

Based in Tamil Nadu, SMS Horizon offers lows prices, proven performance and top-notch services. Within 5-10 seconds, 100% delivery on active numbers is guaranteed on transactional and promotional routes. Furthermore, the company offers instant delivery status reporting, which can be accessed with a few clicks.

  1. Kaleyra

API-based platform Kaleyra offers services like chatbots, personalized messages, programmable voice and more. Fortune 500 companies, known OTT and banks have sheer trust in the company, thanks to its bulk SMS services at affordable prices. The response rate is 5ms or even less and its SMS APIs guarantees 99.99% availability.

  1. Spring Edge

Spring Edge allows SMS functionality with code. Its offering comprise of SMS services, customer loyalty programs, 2-way communication, etc. Not only the provider supports multi-channel connectivity but also has built-in libraries in all languages & platforms. Lastly, it has a good delivery rate of 2-5 seconds.

  1. MSG91

Started in 2010, MSG91 provides services like transactional & promotional SMS and OTP APIs and offers global coverage. To simplify sending SMS from a spreadsheet, it offers a Google Spreadsheet Plugin and Excel Plugin. Clients can track data and segment customers with SMS campaign feature.

  1. Static king

A cost-effective Bulk SMS Company in Delhi, Staticking offers high SMS volume. Via a simple procedure, SMS can be sent online to any number in the country. Without spending hefty amount to send SMS, businesses can improve themselves effortlessly. The company also ensures fast messaging service on laptop, smartphone and desktop.

  1. Digimiles

Offering free SMS trials, Digimiles has a bulk messaging dashboard that promises SMS marketing results and customer engagement. Its services include promotional SMS, OTP SMS, transactional SMS and bulk SMS API. The company is leaving no stone unturned to bring a positive change in the bulk SMS provider industry.

  1. Wegus Infotech

Founded in 2014, Wegus Infotech has eyes on improving SMS marketing and customer service. Its prices are easy on the pocket and the company has worked with many startups, educational institutions and a few Blue Chip organizations. With Wegus Infotech’s reliable platform, composing, scheduling and sending personalized SMS is easy.

  1. Solutions Infini

Providing decent services, Solutions Infini is a fastest growing messaging provider company, which mainly focuses on SMS gateway services like promotional SMS gateway and transactional SMS gateway. Solutions Infini has begun offering cloud telephony services too.

  1. EasyWay SMS

EasyWay SMS offers bulk SMS services as gateway services and cloud-based services. The company provides cheapest WhatsApp SMS services at 8P per SMS. Advertising a business is easy with the unmatched services of EasyWay SMS. Its bulk SMS marketing tools allow excellent lead generation.


Hopefully, the above discussed options will let you choose the right service provider and reach maximum customers.