If you are going to take out insurance for your car, we recommend a comprehensive one so that you have maximum peace of mind. And, with it, you will receive the best protection both for you and your vehicle and for third parties in the event of an accident. But, if you do not know exactly what the comprehensive insurance covers, we will explain it to you.

Main coverage of all-risk insurance

As its name suggests, comprehensive insurance is designed to cover all possible claims that you may suffer with your car. Thus, in the first place, it includes your civil liability both mandatory (the one established by Law) and voluntary in the event of an accident. Within the latter, the damages caused by your trailer or caravan, if you had them, would also be covered.

Likewise, it covers travel assistance. That is, sending a tow truck in the event of a breakdown of your vehicle. And also the legal defense of your person if you have a claim. In this sense, you can optionally contract the management of fines. In the same way, your policy includes accident insurance for you as a driver (the occupants would be covered by your civil liability).

On the other hand, the insurance that we recommend includes coverage for fire and theft of your car, as well as for broken windows. And so far, it doesn’t differ much from what we call extended third party insurance. However, the all-risk has more additional guarantees. The main one is that of own damages. As its name indicates, it consists in that all the damages that your vehicle may suffer in the event of an accident are covered by the policy. However, in this sense, we must make you a precision by auto for trade.

Comprehensive insurance modalities

The comprehensive insurance basically has two modalities:

  • All risk without excess

If you take out this type of insurance, you will not have to pay any amount of money in case you suffer an accident. That is, all damages, both from third parties and from your own, will be covered by your policy.

  • All risk with franchise

Unlike the previous one, your insurance has a built-in franchise. This can be, for example, 150 or 600 euros. And it means that, in the event of a claim, you will have to pay those amounts out of your pocket. As you can see, it is a less complete insurance than the previous one, but it is also cheaper.

On the other hand, the comprehensive automobile policy has a series of optional coverages that you must purchase separately. Among them, there is the one that we have already mentioned for the management of fines, but also the withdrawal of the driving license and the replacement car. Through this, if you suffer an accident and have to leave your vehicle for repair, you will have another one to be able to move on your trips with a maximum of 30 days.

In conclusion, when reviewing what the comprehensive insurance covers, we will tell you that there is an essential difference with that of damages to third parties. It is that the first also covers the damages suffered by your own vehicle in the event of an accident.