Different Methods of Printing for Custom Cream Boxes

For cosmetic brands, custom cream boxes play an important role in boosting brand awareness. You can choose a color scheme like red, white or rose, or any combination of colors. The boxes can be customized to feature your brand logo and promotional text. The design of the custom cream box plays a crucial role in raising brand awareness. If you are looking for a custom box design, consider the following tips. This article will explain different methods of printing, including GCB and Eco-friendliness.

GCB printing option

You can create custom cream boxes with your logo, text, and other design features. Custom cream boxes are made of high-quality material and can be customized to fit your specific needs. You can even change the color of the box’s lid to match your brand. And with our Custom Cream Box printing option, you can have them printed as fast as six days. Whether you need a single custom cream box or a large number of them, you can choose the right option for your project.

Corrugated flutes

When designing your corrugated cream box, there are a few different options for flute size and type. The flute size determines the thickness of the walls of the box, and the number of flutes will help with stacking strength. Typical flute sizes are A-flute, B-flute, and C-flute. The A-flute is the thickest type and is used for shipping and storage cases. The B-flute is ideal for delicate products, as well as for preventing scratching and dents.

Coated printing

Custom Cream Boxes are perfect for your company logo or image. In addition to a high-quality design, they can feature the product’s name, pictures, or text. These boxes are available in many sizes, shapes, and materials. Depending on the specific needs of your business, you can even choose between matte, gloss, or spot UV finishing. Coated printing adds an extra touch of class and sophistication to your product packaging.


For an upscale cosmetics business, eco-friendly custom cream boxes are a key element of the overall packaging strategy. With the rising concern about packaging waste, more companies are choosing to move toward environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. Custom cream boxes made from Bux board are a good example of such packaging, as they are recyclable and can be recycled after use. Eco-friendly boxes are also incredibly customizable, allowing for exceptional printing quality and branding embellishments. They are also outstanding for boosting sales.


One of the best ways to differentiate your cream product from the competition is by designing the custom box to match your brand. The design of your cream packaging should be a unique representation of your product and incorporate classy printing designs. Depending on the nature of your product, you can even modify the theme and use theme variations. In this way, you can increase brand recognition and attract more customers. Here are some unique ideas to get started.


Aside from the aesthetic appeal of a custom cream box, practicality is also an important factor to consider. These packaging options are designed to protect the specific properties of a cream jar, which makes them a practical and convenient option. Furthermore, custom boxes are easily customizable to fit the exact measurements of a cream jar. They also provide an added layer of security to protect the product. Listed below are a few advantages of custom cream packaging.


Custom cream boxes are great for cream products. This is because they’re made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. Most boxes made of Kraft paper are 100% recyclable and are environmentally friendly. For a more personalized appearance, choose boxes made of PVC sheet. This type of box has a more aesthetically pleasing style than Kraft paper. However, they’re still inexpensive. To avoid wasting money on unnecessary materials, look for a custom-printed box.

You can create the most exquisite custom cream box by using a range of designs and styles. A custom box can be made of corrugated or kraft material. These boxes look luxurious and upscale. If you have a limited budget, you can opt for a simple one with a plain front, or add a patterned design. The custom box you choose should be sturdy, and should last for a very long time.

Packaging Forest LLC

Creating an attractive and appealing custom cream box is an important part of promoting your brand. A well-designed box will make a powerful impression on your customer, leading to the launch of new brands and requests for customized cosmetic products.

These custom-printed boxes have a very long shelf life, making them a great option for a long-term marketing campaign. They are perfect for cosmetics products, as they help increase your profit margins. Custom printed cream boxes have a logo that effectively promotes the product. The packaging is effective in creating brand recognition because cosmetics require frequent distribution. In order to achieve this, you need to design your box with flair and make it stand out.

GetCosmetic Boxes

Customized cosmetic boxes are an excellent way to highlight your latest makeup item. GetCosmeticBoxes allows you to choose your own colors, text, and design, and view your custom box from every angle. Choose from a range of materials such as recyclable corrugated cardboard or thick cardstock. For small quantity items, choose 14 pt cardstock as it is a sturdy base.

Besides offering quality packaging, custom cosmetic boxes are also eco-friendly, durable, and attractive. They increase customer’s trust and brand image. To make your products stand out from the crowd, you should use materials that are biodegradable, kraft, or corrugated. CustomBoxesPlus is one of the most reputed and efficient packaging companies in the industry. If you want to design a unique cosmetic cream box, contact GetCosmeticBoxes today!

In today’s competitive market, custom cosmetic boxes are the most affordable way to enhance the look of your products. Whether your brand is new or old, a custom cream box will enhance your brand’s value and reputation. With attractive cosmetic packaging, your customers will be enticed to purchase your products! The boxes will reflect your brand’s elegance and professionalism. It’s easy to see why GetCosmeticBoxes is the preferred packaging supplier.

Clear Path Packaging

You can make your custom cream boxes look as luxurious as possible with the help of embossing. The process of embossing your box reveals a raised pattern, which protects the product inside from scratches. It also produces an elegant, uniform color. Embossing is a highly popular design option that creates a premium look for your box. To create your own custom cream box, contact Clear Path Packaging and let them handle the design and printing for you.

These add-ons make your cream boxes more attractive and will keep the client interested in buying your creams. Clear Path Packaging can also design custom cream boxes that are affordable and ready to use.