Different Types of Storage Trailer Rental for Different Transport Needs

Storage Trailer rental services can solve a lot of problems when it comes to carrying large items over vast distances. Moving houses and offices is a challenging task, and if you don’t have your own truck; you’ll most likely require assistance. Transferring all your goods in your personal vehicle is not feasible because your luggage may include a huge sofa set, a large washing machine and refrigerator, beds, and a variety of other bulky and heavy items.

Several companies provide personal and van services to help you with your relocation. Storage trailer rental in SC companies offer carriage vehicles in a variety of sizes and capacities to fulfil the needs of its customers. So, here’s a list of the various types of storage trailer services:

Semi-trailer flatbed vehicles

These storage trailers have a lot of space and capacity, so they can hold a lot of stuff, such as furniture and heavy metal equipment. These are normally open, but if the journey is great enough, you can request a covered trailer to keep your possessions safe from the elements.

Trailers that have a drop-deck

These storage trailers are like flatbed semi-trailers, except they incorporate a ramp to help with loading and unloading large items. These are preferred when carrying heavy autos since they are easier to park in the trailer and unburden. These vehicles are also capable of transporting heavy pieces of furniture.

Trailers equipped with lowboys

These are customised storage trailers with a low base that make it easy to load heavy and complex objects. These, however, are preferred in locations with straight roads and fewer bumps.

Trailers for dry vans are available.

Groceries, household furniture, industrial equipment, paper products, and other items that must be protected from rain and heat are frequently transported, especially if the journey is long and the destination is only a few days away. In this case, dry van storage trailers can be employed. The fact that these vehicles are called vans does not imply that they are small. These have massive capacities, and because they are totally enclosed on all sides, anything can be transferred safely from one location to another.

Dump trucks’ trailers

These trucks are perfect for hauling large and potentially hazardous construction site equipment and waste materials. They are designed to transport big amounts of cargo across great distances.

Utility trailers are trailers that can be used for a variety of purposes.

These dwarf all other types of carriage vehicles. Sometimes you only need to relocate a few items to a new location. In such cases, hiring gigantic lowboy trailers with large capacities is unnecessary. Open-top utility storage trailers have a smaller capacity but can transport heavy luggage safely.

You should know exactly what you require before contacting a storage trailer rental company so that you don’t end up paying more for fewer services.

Is it feasible to keep things in a semi-trailer?

Semi-trailers are a secure storage option that deters theft. While a semi-truck is required to transport a semi-trailer used for storage, once fully loaded, it may be easily relocated on your lot.