Ditch Technical Tools- Buy A Self Defense Keychain

The need to protect oneself from danger is only natural. With the issues of safety rising everywhere, it’s a good idea to stay on your guard. If you are yet to get a self-defense device, try out the awesome self-defense keychain. No fancy equipment or technical operations needed; you can hang this keychain with your car keys and be on your way.  

Usually, when you think about self-defense, you think guns. But everyone is not comfortable using something as high-maintenance as a firearm. If you get a self-defense ring, it will be easy to use and carry and practical. 

What Exactly Is A Self Defense Keychain?

Any object that can be used to defend you is a Self Defense Keychain. If it is small and compact enough to fit onto a key-ring, it’s a keychain. But the fundamental tool in the self-defense keychain is the object that you use to protect yourself. That object can vary from a hidden knife blade to a pepper spray. There are plenty of options of nifty little tools that can keep you safe in the case of an emergency.

Best Self Defense Weapons In the Market

There are abundant options for self-defense tools that can be used for safety. These weapons are specifically designed to tackle unsavory situations like harassment, robbery, and assault. Women are especially fond of self-defense weapons as they can use them to escape dangerous incidents. You can find various weapons that have proven potent against such crimes. 

  • Pepper Spray

One of the most useful devices against physical attacks and assault, pepper sprays are brilliant. You can use them from a distance and temporarily blind your attacker to get away safely. 

  • Cat Self Defense Keychain

Usually, one might use their keys as sharp objects to tackle attackers. A cat keychain is shaped like cat ears where the ears are pointed blades. They can be used like knuckles to poke someone and free you from a tight grasp. 

  • Hidden Blade Keychain

This one is a sure-shot way of protection against attacks. If you find yourself in a physical fight or threatening situation, you can use the hidden blade to fight back. Hidden blades are hidden objects disguised as everyday things like pens, flashlights, or lipstick. You can secure this on your car keys or in your purse and go out without worrying about safety.

Are Self Defense Keychains Illegal?
  • In cases of self-protection, using any weapon to save your life is usually legal and not penalized.
  • The use of self-defense keychains is legal by federal law in the United States. 
  • Given that any weapon is still harmful, you can’t use a self-defense weapon to commit an offense yourself. 
  • If you keep a hidden blade on you, the standard length of knives you can carry in public is 3.5 inches. Most concealed knives are shorter than that, so they are legal to use in self-defense. 
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Everyone deserves to feel secure in their homes and the streets. If you need to keep something close that will make you feel guarded, that’s a bonus. Self-defense weapons should be accessible to everyone, which means by availability and affordability. 

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