Drill Bit Manufacturers: What You Should Know

When it comes to cutting tools, nothing lasts forever. Investing in quality tools means finding drill bit manufacturers who make products that are built to last. Not all drill bits are made equal and finding high-performance tools starts with finding a business that offers truly world class products. Today we’ll be looking at a few different factors to consider when it comes to finding the right drill bits for your shop.

When weighing the pros and cons of different drill bit options, the materials used to construct those bits should be one of the first things you consider. The two most common options on the market are steel and carbide tools. Stainless steel tools are usually the less expensive options and are manufactured from high-speed steel or HSS alloys that are specifically designed to handle operating at high speeds. All hardened steel can lose their temper at high temperatures, leading to softened metal edges that wear down faster.

Even the finest tool steel drill bits cannot compete with options made from carbide. Solid carbide drill bits are made with tool carbide, a composite material that combines carbide ceramic with a bonding metal, typically cobalt. This unique material is able to retain its sharp edges extremely well due to the fact that the ceramic carbide powder distributed throughout the tool is extremely heat resistant. This means that you can run your carbide twist drill bits faster for longer without damaging the hardness of their cutting edges.

One of the most common ways that machine shops try to save money is by buying tools from overseas manufacturers. You can find plenty of cheap end mill and drill bit sets from businesses in Asia, but these end mills can vary in quality. Not all carbide is going to make great tools and mass produced carbide cutting tools from overseas drill bit manufacturers are far more likely to offer inconsistent performance.

The best way to know that the drill bits you are ordering are going to last is to purchase them from domestic manufacturers. Not only are these tools more likely to undergo strict quality control processes, but they also tend to be made with high-quality micro-grain carbide. Even distribution of the carbide powder within your tools will ensure a more even wear distribution and a longer lifespan.

Dealing with domestic providers has another huge advantage, customer service. When you have issues with tools from overseas, it can be hard to reach a customer service representative during your usual business hours. When you do get a response, it might take weeks or even months for you to get the replacement tools you need. When you place orders with US based manufacturers, you can usually reach a real person over the phone whenever you have an issue with your drill bits. This means that it is easy to get issues resolved quickly so your shop will not have to lose valuable production time.

If your shop is looking to do business with a reputable drill bit manufacturer, you should check out Online Carbide. Based out of Illinois, Online Carbide is a drill and tool manufacturer specializing in milling cutters. Their cutting tools are designed, engineered, and manufactured to offer a long lifespan and incredible performance. If you have any questions about their tools or you are interested in having custom drill bits manufactured for your shop, feel free to reach out to one of their tool experts by sending an email to sales@onlinecarbide.com.

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