Effective Ways to Tackle QuickBooks Error 30134

Do you ever come across errors when transferring a Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop? Such kind of an error takes place in the QuickBooks payroll service. We all know how crucial a role the payroll plays in QB. If you encounter an issue that is concerned with the payroll tax table, it can hamper your business as well. For example, QuickBooks error 30134 comes up when you send a direct deposit. In this informative blog, we will focus on why the problem triggers and the ways through which we can make it disappear effectively.

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Primary Reasons That Triggers the Payroll Error Code 30134 in QuickBooks

As there can be multiple reasons behind the occurrence of the error, in this article, we have focused on the most usual causes. Read them out below-

  1. The first possibility could be that the payroll service you have subscribed for has not been re-validated.
  2. When transferring the data, you might have used an inaccurate PIN.
  3. You can also face the problem if your QuickBooks company file has been damaged.
  4. Last but not least, you have many active payroll agreements, but the Direct Deposit agreement is invalid.

If looking for quick and relevant troubleshooting methods, move on to the next part of this article.

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How to Get Rid of the QuickBooks Desktop Error Message 30134 Permanently?

Have you been constantly trying to fix the issue but failed every time? The troubleshooting methods we have mentioned here must surely rectify the error completely. Have a look at them-

SOLUTION 1: Re-Activate Your Outdated Payroll Service

  • First of all, go to your QuickBooks Desktop and click on the ‘Employees’ menu.
  • In the menu, hit the ‘Payroll Service’ option.
  • Now, you will see the ‘Account/Billing Information’ option; tap on it.
  • Provide all the necessary details and move to the QuickBooks Account Page.
  • Next, on the Status field, click on the ‘Resubscribe’ option.
  • In the end, to complete the entire process of activating the service, proceed with the instructions displayed on the screen.

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SOLUTION 2: Change the Direct Deposit PIN

  • Run your QuickBooks Desktop and move to the ‘Employees’ tab.
  • Hit the ‘My Payroll Service’ option and then tap ‘Account/ Billing Information’.
  • Go ahead after providing the required User Id and Password.
  • In the following window, check for the ‘Payroll Service PIN’ menu and click on it.
  • Choose ‘Update PIN Button’ and change the PIN.
  • There are certain guidelines you must follow when setting the PIN-
    – The range of the characters must be between 8-12.
    – Special characters should not be included.
    -The PIN must consist of both numbers and letters.
  • After you have reset the PIN, make an attempt to re-send the Direct Deposit.

Through this article, we have tried our best to deliver you all the requisite info related to the QuickBooks error 30134. If you are unable to rectify the problem, even after performing the solutions given, do not hesitate to connect with our team of professionals at 1.800.579.0391.

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