Everything you need to know about counter technology within air space: Experts at Bharat Aero explain

With aerial robots posing risks to privacy of people and security of protected places, large gatherings or critical infrastructure, they have become a thing of concern in the recent times. With that said, how do we ensure security when it comes to aerial robots? What can organisations do to keep the associated risks at bay?

Tech experts at Bharat Aero, a research organisation, opine that first of all, as a company working in critical infrastructure sector, it is crucial to stay aware of the present airspace security situation. Typically, organisations start off with RF Sensors and based on the acquired data, they deploy a number of counter measures accordingly that are manufactured by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

When it comes to tackling unauthorised aerial robots, knocking them out directly may be the first thing that comes to our mind. However, it is to be noted that passive countermeasures are just as effective, if not more. If you are opting for the former, there are a couple of things that has to be kept in mind. Since you are interfering with others’ radio signals, certain permission has to be sought from concerned authorities.

While adoption of countermeasure is the next step, Bharat Aero’s specialists say that what is more challenging is the first one – getting aware of the situation within your airspace. This is because, based on what’s happening up there, companies are required to make informed decisions with regards to the ideal security solutions.

Even though, a number of aerial robots today are being flown by hobbyists with no ill-intent, we cannot say for sure that they won’t cause harm. Therefore, as an organisation, it is crucial to analyse all kinds of aircraft flying overhead and consider all the possible scenarios that can occur.