Features Of Kofax Power Pdf

If we talk about the features of Kofax power pdf, do you know,  this power pdf has trustable approved with their, more than 2 million users. If you haven’t used the Kofax power pdf, take a look at its features and their availability or performance. 

That influences the viewer to become users because they offered a lot of attractive tools kits and excellent AI. Also, Kofax power pdf free download through any device be possible no matter it is Mac or Windows. 

This product has part of Kofax company & this company is completely based upon a software system. For more expertise, they integrated the Nuance Power pdf with their product and provide a greater customer experience. 

Kofax power pdf feature- Automated Ultimate software

This application design is easy to use, secure, and faster also. Sometimes, if users want to create their file within a minute then of course this app is helpful for you. With Nuance power pdf and  Kofax experts, any tasks related to Pdf can be done in an efficient faster way. 

As Kofax is multi automated intelligent AI service provider that can enhance projects and also can add up extra value. There are many features of Kofax Power pdf that are categorized into different types of categories. Kofax power pdf free downloads are available on any operating system. Their useful features are:

  • Intuitive forms 

Scan paper converts to interactive pdf fields & also signature fields.

  • Collaborate easily

This feature has the most important part of this application because it’s always helped create, edit & review.

  • Highlight and redact

When your document is scanned through this software system some activities are done in your pdf with help of these application features.

  • E sign document

Users easily add their digital id or signature to document through this feature. For more information and step by step guide for how to add signature in Kofax power pdf is performed in a minute. 

  • Connect and scale

If you want your organization to connect popular enterprise document management of course it is helpful for us.

Why should we choose Kofax Power Pdf? 

There are a lot of options available for choosing Kofax power pdf.  Many businesses use this application for their official work because this application has efficient & also fruitful tools for their activities. Must choose compatible one and worth with its price also.

  • Easy to use-  Attractive Kofax power pdf feature

This software design is too easy that’s why this application use is simple compared to other applications. This application is easy to use office-style interface optimized for window 10 desktop as well as Microsoft surface & more os.

  • No subscription fees- Valuable Kofax feature

If you want to get a free pdf editor then you access it with its unique feature.

  • Power & flexibility- Strength of Power pdf

Highlighted Features of Kofax Power Pdf on the basis of this many users choose Kofax. With this, the user can do tasks like converting Pdf files into word, excel, PowerPoint & also jpg, HTML & more.

  • To keep your pdfs secure- Must try the  Kofax Power pdf feature

Kofax power pdf has provided security with encrypted passwords & permission. Update its features or tools regularly

  • Pricing: Attributes of Kofax pdf

After, Kofax power pdf free download users must choose a subscription plan for enjoying its tremendous features. Kofax Power PDF Standard price is  $129 for both Windows & Mac.


In this post, we talk about attributes of Kofax pdf. If some people want to use this application for their pdf-related activities. After reading this post you have been completely clear about the uses of this software. Must ensure the price details at the official site of Kofax.