Find the Best Golf Club Shafts with the Help of a Professional

A lot of people who search for the “best golf club shafts” are probably looking for a quick and easy answer praising one or the other shaft manufacturer as the best in the industry. That’s a lot like looking for the best tool for any given use. Quality can be defined, in part, by the processes of a manufacturer, but it in no way makes one tool the “best” or “better” than any others, especially on those grounds.

Besides that, the superlative best is, always has been, and always will be a subjective metric. One person’s best is going to vary from another’s and that is a good one. No two golf shafts are created alike, and no two players are, either. Therefore, a golf shaft that one player loves just might not be fitting given the skills of another player.

It’s not simply all about the matter of personal preference, either. Sometimes the qualities of a shaft will make it fitting or not fitting given the skills of a player. For example, a player’s high swing speed and measurements, above other things, will impact what types of shafts will be a good fit for him or her.

The shaft itself is going to be made to different specifications as well. Shaft flexes, shaft length, flex point and other factors (like the length aforementioned) will all impact the fitness of a shaft to a given situation. For example, a graphite shaft with a regular flex may enable a player with a lower swing speed to hit the ball further. The material will also impact the fitness of a golf shaft, and steel shafts like True Temper shafts will be much stiffer and tougher than most graphite shafts will be, but there is more that can be said on the matter.

Because of the number of factors at play, the way to find the best golf club shaft for any player is to work with a professional to determine your skills and needs from a golf shaft. A professional will interview you, observe your swing and form and take your measurements before even making informed suggestions about the shafts you should consider. Some professional services will take a much more in-depth analysis of your swing and your posture before making suggestions as well.

Truly, the best way to do this is with an in-person interview and fitting services, because of the level of detail into which the professional can get. If you’re looking for services that set the bar on quality and attention to detail, then you should stop by Dallas Golf Company’s retail store in Dallas, Texas, and set up a time to take advantage of their club fitting services. If you’re not near enough to them to make an in-person visit, you can give them a call at 800-955-9550 or learn more about their club fitting services for the time being – maybe it’s time for you to take a short trip.

Alternatively, for those who just aren’t near enough to them to take them up on these professional services, there are suitable alternatives by which you can determine which types of shafts might be a fitting match for you. Dallas Golf Company also provides online shaft fitting services that, while less in-depth than their in-person services, will still give you valuable insight into some shafts that might suit your needs well. Use their online shaft fitting tool to see what recommendations it makes – it’ll only take a few moments. Besides, if you have other questions, you can call them at the number above or learn more on their website at

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