Find The Right Custom Chipboard Boxes For Your Specific Product

Custom chipboard boxes can be anything that you would like them to be. They are custom design to hold only the newest consumer electronic products. Plus, they are used to hold all types of unique merchandise or even used for decorative purposes. These boxes are design in various sizes, thicknesses, and materials. The idea did not begin there. Customizing these boxes start decades ago. Long before they were designed for anything other than being custom printed chipboards.

Unique designs and fonts for boxes:

When it comes to custom chipboard boxes, one thing remains true. They are all printed with a unique font, design, and finish to suit each customer’s individual needs. In the past, this has usually been done using either direct ink printing or heat transfer. The technology was not always as advanced as today. Still, improvements in technology have helped to make it possible for printing companies to produce high-quality custom chipboard boxes using inkjet, laser, and even digital printing. These printers all work by using different methods, although many of them use similar technology. 

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The most common method for custom printed chipboard boxes is inkjet. This is because the ink used has a high degree of control over how the boxes appear. If a mistake is made during the printing process, the chipboard will not have an uneven finish. Instead, each and every piece will be complete, and the finished product will look exactly as it did when it was ordered. The downside is that this type of packaging does not provide the same amount of protection as other packaging methods. It is because you cannot apply ink on the different surfaces. However, the protection is instead derived from the foil backing used in custom-made custom chipboard boxes.

Heat transfer process:

Heat transfer printing is another common custom chipboard box printing method. It can create a great variety of effects, allowing manufacturers to create box designs in a wide range of colors. The colors can be created by injecting a colored dye into a plastic mold before letting it cool slightly. The color will then transfer to the box. Then it will look good onto the foam core.

Tuck top auto bottom boxes are the last of this kind of custom chipboard custom packaging. They are generally best for things like apparel, electronics, jewelry, or small products. By using this type of packaging, you will be able to custom print your company’s name on the top of the box or any other message you wish to have printed. This is achieved by passing the ink from the inkjet printer onto the tuck top. All of the other details are easy to print onto custom boxes.

Custom chipboard boxes packaging

Tuck top mini custom chipboard packaging has become very popular recently. These come in two forms. The first type is the tuck top tuck, which is essentially a folded cardstock Chipboard box. However, they can take a while to work fully. However, these are quite simple to make, as they sometimes need extra space. The other style is the traditional tuck top form, a slightly more advanced version of the custom folding box. The folding ones allow for custom printing of logos and details, although they require a little more work to ensure they are finished.

Different purposes of boxes:

Custom chipboard boxes are commonly in use for a number of different purposes. It’s easy to see why because these are some of the most versatile forms of packaging available. By choosing to personalize your custom chipboard boxes, you are investing in the materials used and the marketing efforts that will result from people being able to remember your company and logo. This means that you have a powerful marketing tool that can boost sales and profit levels.

As well as custom chipboard boxes, tuck end packaging is another custom product that you can purchase. Tuck-end boxes are basically a piece of cardboard with a hole at the bottom for the tuck tab to fit into. These are perfect for applying the chipboard and are ideal for printing out name badges, customized pens, and many other branding materials. These are easily achieved by printing a tuck tab on the custom printing surface using an inkjet printer and then applying them using an adhesive gun or with the tuck tab filler.

wholesale Custom chipboard boxes

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