Five Powerful Strategies to Creat Pillow Boxes You Need To Know

Producers are worried about their sales time and again, even though they are trying to do everything right. The main reason for this problem is mostly the packaging of the products. The packaging of products is often neglected. Or it may be good but not attractive enough to catch the customer’s eye. If you are also looking for solutions for similar problems, then search no more. Read these strategies to increase your sales to make your custom pillow boxes irresistible.

Use Resilient Materials

Choosing high-quality materials is essential for your boxes. This is because low-quality material breaks down quickly. Thus, the box will not stay in good shape for a long time and decrease the packaging’s appeal. The right materials also make the box look sleek, elegant, and increase the box’s shelf-life as well. There are various materials available for pillow boxes.

Rigid material can be used for these boxes. It is a durable material and can be customized according to your requirements. Similarly, cardstock, also known as pasteboard, is a common choice when it comes to packaging. It is thick, sturdy, and inexpensive as well. Thus, it is a suitable choice for your boxes without being heavy on your pocket as well.

Corrugated material can also be used for packaging your products. Moreover, its thickness can be customized according to your requirements as well. On the other hand, you can select kraft material if you want to order environment-friendly boxes. It is biodegradable and recyclable. Furthermore, it keeps your products safe and makes the boxes look fabulous. Also, customers, these days prefer eco-friendly packaging as well. Thus, kraft paper pillow boxes are an excellent way to increase sales and keep the environment clean and green as well.

Here’s Why You Need Nibrant Printing Methods

Printing significantly affects the appeal of a box. Moreover, customers get to know more about your products by reading the information on the white pillow boxes and sleeve boxes. This helps them decide if they need to buy the product or not. Thus, you can increase sales with customizable printing.

Showing off your product is crucial. You have to make it sound like it’s the best choice for the customer. This can be done by mentioning the best qualities of your product. Mention what makes it unique and different from the rest of its competitors.

Apart from this, it is suitable to mention other details to make the buying decision easier for customers. These may include the purpose of the product, directions for use and precautionary measure, etc. To make these details attractive, you can choose font styles, sizes, and colors. Moreover, you can also select an appropriate printing technique. The following techniques can be used for custom printed pillow boxes:

Flexography printing.

Offset printing.

Digital printing.

Add to the Creativity of your Boxes

Getting creative with pillow boxes wholesale is the best way to attract customers and increase sales. People love beautiful and alluring boxes more than anything. They often end up buying products they don’t need just because the boxes are attractive. Moreover, making your boxes inviting is not a challenging task. There are various options available to make this task easier. One of these options is using add-ons. Add-ons act as decorations for your boxes. You can utilize add-ons in different ways to enhance the design of the kraft pillow boxes and . You can choose from the following excellent add-ons:

Foil stamping.




PVC windows.

Unique Color Combinations

People love colorful and bright things. Moreover, such things are eye-catching as well. So, you can apply the same rule for boxes as well. By using vibrant colors, you can make your packaging more alluring. Also, it is better to come up with distinctive color combinations that relate to the product and the brand. Furthermore, you should keep the target audience in mind while choosing the colors. For example, bright and vivid colors should be used if you want if the product is meant for a young target audience. Moreover, patterns can also take your pillow gift boxes to the next level.

In addition to customizing the color combinations, you can select a suitable color model as well. The custom color models you can choose from are:



The coating can also enhance the colors of custom pillow boxes significantly. Hence, it is necessary to choose a suitable coating for your boxes. There are three different coatings available to make your design better; they are:

Gloss coating.

Matte coating.

Spot UV.

Find the Right Packaging Company for your Packaging Needs in the USA

The ideal design for your small lotion boxes pillow box packaging cannot be achieved until you select the right packaging company. There are various companies in the packaging industry that offer these services. However, the quality of these services and the rates at which they are provided differ from one another. Thus, finding a suitable company may seem like a challenging task. Nonetheless, a little research can make this task easier. You can find companies with the most positive reviews and select the most suitable one for you. Moreover, you can also request a prototype before placing your order.

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