Goa Tour Packages : Things To Do in Goa

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Top Hotels In Goa 

In Goa, tourism is a important aspect of the local economy. People can be grouped together, and lodging options are available at varying costs.

Lodging will be scarce because Goa will be hosting hundreds of thousands of tourists over the Christmas and New Year holidays. You should reserve ahead of time if you plan to visit Goa in December. Not only will you be able to find the best discounts online, but you will also be able to save time while doing so.


Budget Hotels In Goa 

A cheap hotel or backpacker accommodation is never far away for the spending plan traveller. These types of lodging may vary from simple rooms with simple mattresses to beautifully decorated guest houses, and since they’re run by local families, a home-cooked meal might even be included in the bill!

Going off the main path in Goa can allow you to find inexpensive hotels, B2Bs, and backpacker hostels; however, as you move closer to the coastal belt and city districts, prices will begin to rise.

A normal double bed usually comes with a small bathroom and a fan. During high season, prices can potentially double.

Before paying, always inspect the room’s condition (if the toilet works, etc.) because not all facilities with similar rates have the same quality requirements.

Mid- Range Hotels In Goa

The bulk of hotels in Goa are in the mid-range and moderate-priced range, including maid and room service, guest bars and restaurants, and free Wi-Fi internet connection. There is rarely a need to reserve these in advance during the off-season, and the price difference between them and cheap hotels is minor.

For as little as 500-800 Rupees a night, a room with a good-sized bed, en suite bathroom, hot and cold water, cable television, air conditioning, and even a balcony can be had, though most prices would be higher than 1000 Rupees.

Luxury Hotels In Goa 

Luxury Goa hotels and long-term rentals, such as 3-5 star hotels and private villas, are preferred by families and short-term guests.

While the hotel is inexpensive, the degree of luxury is unparalleled, and rooms always feature views of the beach and easy access to local markets.

For a choice of restaurants, swimming pools, room sizes, and gym and spa facilities, tourists could expect to pay between 4,000 and 10,000 Rupees per night.

Food In Goa 

Goan cuisine is very complex, and it was one of the earliest fusion cuisines in the world. While fish curries, fruit rice, and other basic dishes should not be neglected, Goa’s large cuisine collection offers a diverse range of flavours to try.

For Goans, who take pride in their cuisine as much as they do in their tea breaks, seafood is a must-have on the menu. Cuisine and culture, on the other hand, are defined by the pleasure of eating rather than the method of preparation.

Let’s Eat Food Now !

Plantain Leaf is a popular vegetarian restaurant in Goa, with a menu that is almost as long as the queue of people waiting outside. Plantain Leaf delivers the best of South Indian cuisine, including the iconic veggie pancake breakfast, in the heart of the market district just off Calangute beach.

Greenland Bar & Restaurant, on Utorda Beach, is just a short walk from the Sunset Shoreline’s magnificent sands.

At this British-run café in Greenland, a skilled Goan chef produces traditional delicacies and specialties for guests, with their exquisite banana fritters being a particular highlight.

Anjuna Beach, one of Goa’s most well-known resort spots, is known for its cuisine and is only a short drive from Sunset Beach. As boutique cafés back onto Italian pizzerias, Anjuna is where East meets West, with enough cuisine options to keep guests feasting for weeks.

Despite their diversity, practically all Goan dishes include spicy ingredients; rice is fried with green chilies, and even’mild’ curries can be rather spicy.

As a result, you must be very specific when ordering meals in restaurants if you want to reduce your spice experience in Goa to a minimal.
To aid digestion, get a side dish of chilled yoghurt and keep a bottle of water on hand at all times.