Here Is Your Ultimate Travel Packing Guide

Traveling for the first time or hundredth, it always becomes very hectic to pack a bag as we want to take everything with us but obviously, we can’t. No girl wants to leave that favorite palette of hers at home, no boy wants to leave his favorite pair of sneakers at home, and if one is traveling with kids, then one has to take all of their things everywhere. Therefore, we have made a list of items that are must-haves in every travel bag to help you pack your bag wisely because trust us on this, that extra pair of shoes that you think might come in use on vacation is going to come back home as it is. Therefore, only pack what is needed, and our list will help you out in doing so.

  • Clothes To Pack:

We all have so many dresses that we keep collecting, saying, “I will wear this when I go there,” but by the time we actually decide to go, we have a dozen dresses hanging in our closet, and it becomes overwhelming. First off, you should pack your undergarments, night suit, socks, and things like that as they are a must. Then once you have packed these, you can choose clothes like one dress for a day, in that you can either pack five jeans and five tops for your five-day vacation or some long frocks or whatever you like just pack one dress for a day.

  • Makeup to Pack:

You are going to need makeup on vacation to look your best and also feel best, but one can’t simply take all of the makeup. Therefore, if you are a frequent traveller, then it would be best to invest in travel designed makeup, as their packaging is done as such that they do not take up a lot of space. There is a travel palette set, travel foundation set, or the famous Retractable Makeup Brush, which makes things a lot easier. However, if you do not want to invest in any such thing, then you can get a safe and nice makeup pouch that goes inside your bag. In that, you can put your one favorite foundation, one favorite palette, one of everything except for lipsticks, obviously.

  • Shoes and Accessories to Pack:

You need to take enough accessories with you for every dress, do not take extra, and if you can use one thing for more than one dress, then it will be to your benefit. Girls will have to take their jewels and purses, and guys will have to take their belts and ties. Other than this, you will need some basic toiletries like toothbrush, lotion, etc. Don’t forget to take your charger and other miscellaneous items like a laptop, etc. The last thing would be shoes; you don’t need to pack one pair of shoes for every outfit. Just pack one pair of flats, one pair of heels, one pair of shoes or boots depending on the weather, and you are done.