How an Amazing Tool like Blaze Can Transform Your Website’s Reach

Following the route of many popular companies, WordPress too is now focusing on offering byproducts to their enormous popularity. Over 800 million websites are built on WordPress as of now. This amounts to about 43% of the total websites which are live worldwide.

What this means is that WordPress has a tremendous command and presence in the website-building industry. They have introduced various different products to improve the process of web development over the years. But recently they launched a service that uses the large user base that WordPress has to the websites’ benefit.

What is Blaze?

Blaze is an advertising network that uses other websites on and Tumblr to show ads about websites on them. The bundles start with prices as low as $5 a month. Blaze was originally introduced to advertise websites on Tumblr pages. Later the network also added websites on in the list to advertise other websites.

The network can now advertise on any website that uses the Automattic Jetpack WordPress plugin installed. The payments advertisers have to pay are on the basis of impressions as of now and not on clicks. They can access the dashboard on the CMS very easily. 

Advertisers have a range of selection in terms of the audience they want to target. You can choose your budget, duration of the campaign and geographic location where you want to advertise your website. The usual format of an ad consists of a title, a featured image and a small snippet of the content. 

Benefits of Blaze

There are many amazing benefits of using this ad network by Automattic. The obvious one is the exposure your website gets among millions of users across websites and Tumblr. If you are working with an agency that offers top custom PHP development then apart from just building a website for you, they will have apt solutions to market it as well.

Here are some of the most popular benefits of using Blaze on WordPress.

Fast Launch

Setting up an ad campaign literally takes only minutes. All you have to do is to define your budget, duration and select regions. It is very much similar to how you would advertise your products or services on popular social media platforms.


You get great insight into how your campaign is going and what are the key takeaways. You get analytics like estimated impressions, total impressions, clicks, click-through rate, etc on your dashboard. Based on the data received, you can generate reports that help you make critical business decisions. 


There are categories to choose from. You can define your monthly budget, your total duration for the ad campaign and the regions you want to target. This adds a lot of dynamism to your campaign and helps your business get closer to your potential customers through your website.

You can target a larger category or a niche like pages or websites on certain fields, individual accounts reading about specific categories, people interested in certain aspects etc. These categories help you generate great leads.

User Base and Tumblr together have a large user base. This is like a goldmine for advertisers. You get exposure to over 800 million websites and 327 million daily visits on Tumblr. The ad network generates over 13.5 billion impressions per month. 

How Blaze Works?

If you have a website that is hosted on then you can access this feature. You will be suggested recent posts and pages from your website that you can promote. If your website is hosted on some other platform then you can use the Jetpack plugin to avail this feature.

Here are the simple 4 steps defined by Blaze to advertise your website through Blaze.

  • Design your ad: The wizard will automatically preview an ad for you consisting a title, an image from the page or content and a snippet. You can obviously customize the whole ad.
  • Select the audience: Select a range of categories of people or pages you want your ad to target based on their interests, reading interactions, fields, region, etc.  
  • Select budget and duration: You can select the duration of your campaign and the total budget you want to set for it. This will then show you an estimated impressions count and will tell you how many people you can reach with your selections.
  • Submit: That’s it. The last step is to submit your ad and your selections. Make the payment and get updated about how your ads are performing. 


User attention is very important. To convert attention into prolonged engagement, you firstly need strong content and secondly need to advertise it. This phenomenon has worked wonders for all stakeholders on social media. Advertisement on websites was very unorganized and monopolized until now. With website hosts and builders like now hopping into it, you can expose your business to millions of users across two very strong platforms like websites on and Tumblr.