How Can Custom Shop Sign Helps You to Promote Your Business?

For many businesses the lure of becoming a virtual retailer has a huge attraction – the barriers to entry are low. However, in some instances having bricks and mortar shop is simply the best way to showcase goods – and get customers to interact with physical goods – and sometimes there is simply no substitute for that approach.

But a real-world retail outlet must compete against a lineup of competitors that can sometimes be offering the same or similar goods – often on the same street. This is where the classic ‘4Ps’ of marketing come into play. Your product needs to be differentiated in four areas – Price, Product, Promotions, and Place. Ignore any of these four tried and proven categories and it is almost inevitable that your business will suffer – and eventually fail to meet the grade in an increasingly competitive business environment. In order to enjoy a great retail experience, and free themselves from the confines of their own homes as a result of the global pandemic, people are again venturing out into the real world.

Shoreditch Macs business sign with white and blue liighting

They may have been mesmerized by the possibilities of eCommerce – but now they want to get out there and immerse themselves in a sensory experience – and that means visiting stores.

But how do shop signs London make a difference when it comes to attracting customers – and keeping their attention so that sales are supercharged? For a more in-depth look at just why signage in one of Europe’s most vibrant shopping destinations is so important, we must return to those 4 ‘P’s’. Let’s take a look at each one – and the role that signage can play in differentiating a business and getting more customers through the door.

1. Differentiation (Promotion).

Sizzlin Town Cafe and Grill Diner Business Signs with Neon Light Effect

Custom signs allow you to promote your business as apart from the ordinary. With enough creativity, you can ensure that your signage allows your business to stand out from the crowd. They will allow you to use colours and designs that position your brand – and entice customers to cross the threshold of your shop and start spending money.

Here’s an interesting fact. The human brain is uniquely hardwired to process visual information. Text is a relative newcomer. If you can promote a service or product using visual means then you will be able to take the marketing high ground when compared to those who are using text – and websites still use text to excite the imagination – and start that customer journey to purchase.

The uniqueness of your business is your greatest competitive advantage – shop signs London are effective in leveraging those key messages that say not only ‘look at me!’ but also ‘this is somewhere different.’

2. Product. business signs with beautiful lighting

This is perhaps a bit of a no-brainer. If you have new products or products that leverage the popular styles of the day – or appeal to a need for the latest and greatest (it doesn’t matter if that is technology or fashion) you need to tell people about it. Passing trade can make all the difference.

People are today programmed to take advantage of that deal – or attempt to satisfy what marketing companies or the mass media want them to believe are products that will simply make their lives more fulfilled (or easier / more stylish). Your signage can entice those consumers into your store – and that is the first step to feeding that sales funnel.

3. Price.

Price is always important. A special offer will allow you to entice shoppers onto your premises. It may very well be only related to a single product – but choose that product carefully and get them through the door with a price offer. Once they are through that door you own their attention. Sell bundles that include that product that comes at that special price. Upsell is your key to success.

4. Place.

You are going to be in a crowded environment. It goes almost without saying that where you are will make all the difference when it comes to attracting clientele. But those places are filled to the brim with others that have the same idea – fish where the fishes flock (or school). Your shop signs London can make all the difference when it comes to overcoming competitive pressures.