How Do Headboards Attach to Bed Frames?

Home décor is one of the luxuries of life; people opt to stay up to date. Bedroom walls, furniture and the size of the bed matter a lot. Sometimes, the wall, which has the bed attached, is left out. That is why stylish headboards have been in trend for a few years, which provide an additional attraction to your room. Headboards and footboards are essential components of a bed, without which it is incomplete. The carpenter can adjust the headboard, or you can screw it in yourself with ease. For this purpose, you might need a metal tool and screwdriver.

The headboard is basically, attached to the wall behind the bed. You can either hang your headboard or screw it in place.

Steps to Adjust a Headboard

There are a few simple steps to attach your headboard and complete your bed. There are many types of headboards in the marketplace. Freestanding, wall-mounted and simple mounted headboards. All have their easy step by step process. The basic science in all three of them is to locate the sticker holes and fit one bed leg. Place the headboard firmly closer to the bed, so the base of the headboard will touch the line of the frame. The rest of the steps may differ in the location of holes and struts of the bed if they need fixation.

Bed headboards UK produce a vast variety of styles and sizes.

They can be as follow.

Measurement and Placing

Locate the holes in your headboard and measure how high or far you want your headboard to be. Place your headboard close to the bedframe. The bed legs will have already-made holes, which will align to the holes of the headboard brackets. They need heavy large screws to secure firmly. Fit in the screw-in afterwards. Make sure to temporarily, mount the headboard with a heavier object beside for support, while you fix the screws.

Fix the Headboard from Both Sides

Fasten it well in place with the help of a bolt. Pass it through the bracket and leg hole of the headboard. Adjust a washer onto the bolt. Finalize with a nut and turn it with your hand. Do the same on the other side, and observe the headboard’s placement. Tighten the nuts when you are satisfied with your headboard and bed frame.


You must measure your bed frame size before you opt for a headboard. Sometimes headboards do not match the size of bed frames. You need large-sized screws for placement. Do pull the bed in front, to make space for yourself while you work. The bolts you are using for your headboard must be appropriate with your bedframe. Purchase them before you adjust aboard.

Overall, headboards have manuals with them and a bedframe guide to fix properly the components of beds steadily. You might need a partner for this chore, it can be time taking and difficult to do it alone. Headboards can be changed with a change in trend. You can always find DIY methods with your supplies.