How do I put a bow in my daughter’s hair?

Bowties are back in fashion. But it can be tricky to do it right! Here’s a quick and easy instruction guide on how to put a bow in your daughter’s hair for the best results. The idea of a bow on top of the hair is not that difficult.

How to Bow your Carried Hair Step 1

Look at what you want it to look like and arrange the hair accordingly (above, upper or side view)

Step 2

Think about how you will secure this so there are no stray hairs etc. How do I tie a ribbon around my son’s/daughter’s head? Keep in mind that these steps apply for bows used as trimming or hair accessories from the front of the neck (like ponytails) to bows tied around the back head.

How do I Tie a Bow Around My Child’s Head? Step 3

Place Your Back of your hands between their neck and The Top Part Tip: Don’t make it too tight, otherwise, it might fall off! Tuck in all loose hairs on the top part underneath and don’t cut them short !!! Important points to keep in mind

Don’t make it too tight

If you find their head getting red-ish after a bow is tied onto them, take off ABOVE PART You should never cut the hair short or they might not be able to wear this wearing BONnets/ Hats anymore Don’t tie around the neck of your child’s which are sensitive.

Tie these neatly on top! Take care of some loose hairs and don’t cut it short or they might not be able to wear this wearing bonnet/ Hats anymore. The bow should usually be attached right at the scalp and not on top of the hair Your child goes through a period where he will feel uncomfortable with underneath tied bows and you can temporarily remove one so that they aren’t threatening them while taking out facial scarring etc… This way, if your child still doesn’t like this particular style after some time, you can remove it altogether.

General rule

Over-tightening causes the hair to break off gradually. Don’t get too caught up with it haphazardly and forget to prioritize what else you have planned for their hair. If you really want a bow in front, try different braids on the back, perhaps even all bundled together.

What I recommend are

Ponytails, Pretzel Buns, etc… Thank me later.

Things to remember

Don’t forget to choose which ribbon color suits your child best. You can follow this tip here and even use the same color grouping! i.e; pink, blue, black as well as white colors, etc…

Although many bow styles are available, you will run out of new ideas if you don’t create something yourself. This is less complicated and far from difficult. You can buy an easy bracelet form and build it up as you need to. Learning how to support your child’s hair was once hard work but with so many ideas coming our way nowadays, turning burdensome into fun is truly simple now!