How Is Packaging Transforming with Changing Times?

It was not a common thing until very recently that companies started to invest their attention and money in the packaging of their products. Earlier, what all companies did for packaging their products was just to make it sound to ensure that the product would reach the customer safely. It was very common to have plain plastic shopping bags that did not even represent the brand and add no value to anything. However, with time the packaging industry kept coming up with new and versatile packaging ideas, and it really did make a change. To keep up with the market, companies jumped onto the bandwagon to remain authentic to their present times. Hence, we got to see a wide variety of packaging, from shopping bags of different materials and designs to boxes that could be used for other things later. The basic idea that prevailed was that nothing should go to waste, or even if it is of no further use than packaging, then at least it is recyclable. Hence this idea led to these:

  • Tote Bags:

Tote bags are on the hype these days; they do not just look aesthetic but are very easy to carry. They add value to the life of customers as they are not just designed to carry one product that the brand used it for but can easily carry a lot of stuff at one time without tearing apart. Therefore, we see people all the time reusing their tote shopping bags in unique ways, like one gets grocery in it while the other uses it as a college bag. To make them more personalized, people even paint them so that it doesn’t look like just a shopping bag of some brand.

  • Paper Bags:

Paper bags have been even more common nowadays ever since corona has come into our lives. The reason behind this is that this virus stays longer on surfaces that are non-porous, but the paper is porous, so it makes it easier to control the spread of this virus. Simultaneously the use of paper bags is helping the world to cut down on their plastic usage as they are harmful to the world since they cannot be recycled. Almost every paper shopping bag manufacturer has become popular, and the manufacturers that made plastic bags are practically extinct. The vast majority of brands have eliminated the use of plastic bags, and everyone now packages their products in paper bags to make them valuable for the planet and humans.

  • Seed Bags:

What could add more value to our lives and this planet other than trees? Probably nothing. Therefore, there are some brands that have also integrated this idea into their shopping bags by implanting seeds inside the material of their bags. Once the bag has been used for the purpose it was mainly designed, then the customer can insert it into the soil, and it will grow into a tree. Not only is this helping with controlling the waste, but it is also improving the air and reducing global warming.