How Many Months Of Separation Is Compulsory For Filing A Mutual Consent Divorce In Los Angeles?

A mutual consent divorce is basically characterized by agreement of a birth couple and they do need a certain time limit to consider their actual decision and if you are going for it and want to discuss time limit options from legal experts, then you can be in touch of divorce lawyer Los Angeles and settle your actual separation time limit to be actually fit according to case condition, nature of the family environment, and other core aspects.

In case there are family issues involved, there is still no clearance on the child and his or her future, and you want to retain the right to resolve them first, for that to happen you better take advice from family law attorney Los Angeles, resolve these matters first and then ask for separation period of mutual consent divorce which would make it more prudent course.

Before you start to prepare a mutual consent divorce and plan of months of separation, there are a few things to consider for it, and they may possibly include:

  • Agreement of the other partner
  • Planning for actual separation
  • Main tips of your divorce lawyer
  • Plans to present it actually in court

And these are a few things that will make a difference later so you need to consider them and start to proceed for a mutual consent divorce.

Consent of birth couple

The mutual consent divorce is mainly recognized by consent of a birth couple who are considered as parents responsible for a child and they do seem to find that life is not getting better for them as a couple for which they agree with each other separately and proceed for the actual agreement of mutual consent divorce.

The cooling period is essential

For this to take place, there is a legal provision of a certain time to provide them to separate as it is mutual consent and may take time to realize its actual value for which cooling period goes in which can be up to 6 months to being with prior to consent of both ready to separate and it can go long in the process to make it actually accomplish as legal separation.

Separation time can be extended

In the context of extension, the couple who have agreed to separate through mutual consent can take more time than 6 months to decide it that can be extended up to 12 months at first request and can ultimately go up to 18 months to let them decide their child future, their actual goals and then get themselves ready to separate through mutual consent going for the divorce process to begin at court.

The legal process may resume

Lastly, once the time frame has ended, mutual consent has stayed off and the couple is ready to separate, the legal process may resume going through formal documentation, there is lesser pressure of financial statements but they have to be set, official recommendations by a lawyer would come in and this is how it goes to settle a mutual consent divorce after being providing an exact time frame of separation for the couple to agree through mutual consent.


There is a specific procedure to give time, to analyze how it works, lawyer continues to update you on time that mutual consent divorce is stepping into the last stage, and still if you have more doubts about it, you can consider advice from experts like Divorce lawyer Los Angeles to give you basic ideas and settle in the exact time period of separation.

In case there is any family pressure involved, you may not wish to accomplish the divorce and there is no reason to separate, then it is better to resolve it through the legal method and you can opt for family law attorney Los Angeles and proceed for trial to set in the legal pathway and continue to enjoy your life as a happy couple.